Catching up with The Little Locavore, Liam Lewis

We featured Liam back when he was only ten years old. Nearing a decade later, he still hones his blades (both knives and skates) to create culinary experiences and inspire youth to cook food using local ingredients.

Oh snap!

Warm and sunny yesterday, cold and blizzardy today. This spring weather could use some Lithium, it's so bipolar. But ladies, that doesn't mean you can't come prepared – Edit Shoppe Snap Wrap Scarves are perfect for winter or spring! Check out these hand-crafted scarves made from repurposed materials: And no, I wasn't paid to make this sell. …

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Little Locavore Liam loves the Lighthouse

I got a buddy named Liam who goes around Lethbridge as the The LIttle Locavore. He’s only 10-years-old, but is already pursuing his passion of becoming a chef. Liam maintains a Blogspot that journals his adventures in our local culinary sphere, such as learning to make meat pies at the Urban Grocer, understanding the tools-of-the-trade …

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Movember Moustache Mitten contest update #2. Only 5 days left!

Not including my collection box, I've so far raised $395 for Movember Canada! Thank you to all who have donated; you're helping support prostate cancer research and mens mental health. For those just finding out, I'm also holding a Movember Moustache Mitten contest. Details of the contest are here. If you haven't donated yet and …

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Movember Moustache Mitten contest update.

Folks, we have 10 entrants in the contest, who together have raised $360 so far. A big thanks to those who donated! I haven't received this much support since I dressed as a lady of the night, for Hallowe'en of course, getting big time pennies in my Unicef box. It was a little trying, but …

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CONTEST! Donate to Movember and be entered to win a pair of EDIT moustache mittens!

My good friend Joanne has offerred up a pair of her famous EDIT mittens, as a prize for anyone* who donates to the Movember cause from my Mospace. Take a look at these beauts: Why? Because my grandfather suffers from prostate cancer, and 1 in 7 men will be diagnosed with it each year. I feel that …

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