Trading one superstition for another

The godly folks of Raymond and Cardston have decided that it’d be sinful to hold Hallowe’en on a Sunday, so they moved it a day ahead of schedule. Makes me wonder why they participate in this demonic, evil holiday at all.


“…but for them, it’s the way it’s been done, and likely, the way it will always be done.”

Smart thinking.

It’s Goo Friday!

Or as the rest of the Christian world calls it, “Good Friday.” To me, it means I get a day off from work to celebrate and gorge myself on Cadbury Creme Eggs.


Speaking of creme, it’s also National Oral Health Month. Make sure to take care of those teeth and gums, especially if you partake in oral pleasures. But if you’re pure like me, you have nothing to worry about.

April is National Oral Health Month