Small city, big style

Miss Megan, who (I believe) is the daughter of Lethbridge photographer Jim McNally, has a cool Lethbridge blog all about about style. Besides showing off her lust for fashion, she’s also the subject of a lot of cool photoshoots, like this one (nice backdrop):

Check out her blog or Facebook page for more stuff.

Lethbridge Fashion Weekend is zesty

Oh joy! “Joie de Vivre,” Lethbridge Fashion Week’s spring theme, is set for this weekend at the Lethbridge Legion.

Also, Lethbian Love is not becoming a fashion blog. It’s just a time to celebrate old man winter releasing his stranglehold grip upon Southern Alberta! It’s kinda ironic though, since the Legion smells like old spice and scotch, not spring blossoms and pheromones.

Lethbridge Fashion Weekend

Lethbridge Fashion Weekend returns

Lethbridge Fashion Weekend, where "cold gets cool," starts tomorrow evening with a hot & sexy fashion show, and continues the next day with an exclusive sale of original clothing and accessories.

The Lethbian Lover, who has an affinity for camel toe, will be taking in the show as per usual. It will be held at 7PM the Lethbridge Legion, so you may see me standing at attention.

Lethbridge Fashion Weekend

Lethbridge Fashion Weekend


Lethbridge Fashion Week(end) is fashionable

Lethbridge Fashion WeekYves Saint Laurent once said, “Fashion fades, style is eternal.” That’s what I keep having to remind myself as I tighten my leather belt and chew off the end. “La mode récession,” as I like to call it.

This Friday and Saturday is LFW’s Spring ’09 event, starting tomorrow night with a fashion show featuring 8 local designers and enough skin to craft me a new pair of shoes! It’s Lethbridge’s premier fashion weekend, featuring the city’s top fashion designers, upcoming talent and exclusive fashion sales.

Sadly, the event this year is dry, so make sure to do like the models and load up beforehand.

Lethbridge Fashion Week
(Nice website, huh? I made it!)