“Make A Difference” – Vote 2010

“Bad officials are elected by good citizens who do not vote.” – George Jean Nathan

In 10 days, October 18th to be exact, citizens of Lethbridge will have the opportunity to vote in a new mayor and aldermen in the municipal election. But that’s not to say they will.

In the last election, voter turnout was 22.63%. Out of the 65,835 citizens eligible to vote ONLY 14,896 actually did. Disgraceful. And to make matters worse, no one ran against Bob Tarleck for mayor, giving him that seat by default. This is the guy partially responsible for the $30M+ ABCP investment fiasco, which was only revealed after that election.

My opinion? Stop voting in the same, used-up politicians that have been getting a free ride year after year and start with a fresh city council. We have a good opportunity here to make Lethbridge suck less.

This year, many candidates have been using more than just the shotgun-approach of yard signs and newspaper ads, but have websites and engage in social media. For the first time I have been talking with candidates, openly and have gained their trust, going on more than what’s just printed on a piece of paper. They are engaging me in an open, fluid medium for all to see.

If you’re wondering who are our candidates, what the issues are and how to interact, Elect Lethbridge is a great place to start. To find out their stance on certain issues, Lethbridge Accountability is also fantastic. If you’re on Twitter or Facebook, join the conversation.

And for everyone’s sake, get the hell out there and vote! Don’t be lazy!

Municipal Election 2010

UPDATE: Lethbridge College’s student newspaper, The Endeavour, has posted video profiles of our candidates.

Lethbridge Pwns

With an upcoming refresh to the Canadian edition of Monopoly, you can throw around money like our very own city council! Though Lethbridge is one of many Canadian cities who are nominated to appear in the game, we Lethbians must vote for our city to secure it’s spot.

MONOPOLY is launching a new Canadian Edition and is inviting Canadians to vote for their favourite cities. The vote will determine the top 20 cities and the top 2 wildcard cities that will be the property spaces on the MONOPOLY Canada game board. Please vote for your friend’s cities or choose your own cities!

On a side thought, this reminds me of the “Lethbridge On Board” game from about six years back. Has anyone even played that?

Has our city got game? (via @LethbridgeNews)