Galt Museum brings us “Nerd Fest”

From March 21-23, The Galt Museum & Archives is holding "Nerd Fest," featuring all sorts of comic book, gaming, trivia, space geekery…and even socialization (with possible dancing/touching)!

Nerd Fest kicks off with the history of comic books, followed by a 2-day workshop with leading comic book artist Scott McCloud, a pop culture movie trivia night, and an all night games tourney. Also on the calendar during the Festival are a talk by Canada's first female austronaut Dr. Roberta Bondar, and a Superheroes Dinner!

If I hadn't given up my super powers to save the Earth and live among mortals, I would consider the dinner & dance…however that might trigger me. The games night sounds awesome, as I've been meaning to learn to play Dungeons & Dragons for, like, forever.

Check it out:

Nerd Fest Flyer


Lethbridge Pwns

With an upcoming refresh to the Canadian edition of Monopoly, you can throw around money like our very own city council! Though Lethbridge is one of many Canadian cities who are nominated to appear in the game, we Lethbians must vote for our city to secure it’s spot.

MONOPOLY is launching a new Canadian Edition and is inviting Canadians to vote for their favourite cities. The vote will determine the top 20 cities and the top 2 wildcard cities that will be the property spaces on the MONOPOLY Canada game board. Please vote for your friend’s cities or choose your own cities!

On a side thought, this reminds me of the “Lethbridge On Board” game from about six years back. Has anyone even played that?

Has our city got game? (via @LethbridgeNews)