Live music in Lethbridge

Perhaps unknown to some, Lethbridge has a thriving live music scene.

Recently I had the pleasure of taking a girl to a dIrtI Speshuls show at The Slice. A Calgarian and live music fan, she didn’t know of any places to go see a show. She was very impressed by my prowess, so I went to the bathroom to high-five myself in the mirror. Except, I was too enthusiastic and broke the mirror. That’s why its missing now.

My point: While I could frequent the brilliantly-designed websites of The Slice, Blarney Stone, etc. or hope that someone Facebook invites me to an event, I’m always looking for an easier way to find out what’s going down.

The other day, I stumbled upon Gord Parrott’s Alberta Events website. Gord, widely known as “THE live music groupie around town,” keeps an up-to-date list of music events for Lethbidge and Ft. McMurray, where he currently resides. If live music is your thing, make sure to bookmark his site.

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