The Word on The Street

I took in a bit of “The Word on the Street” festival this afternoon. The streets around the Lethbridge Public Library were closed off for presenters, booths and FOOD. I ate a hot dog.

Sunday, September 25, 2011 marks the day that Lethbridge joins Toronto, Vancouver, Halifax, Kitchener and Saskatoon in hosting the national Word On The Street Festival and celebration of literacy.

Hosted by the Lethbridge Public Library, the Lethbridge festival is designed to be a playful, all-ages, spill-out-into-the-street community event with something for everyone to see, hear, do, and of course, eat!

More photos after the jump.

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Royalty beckons

Matt from Royal Canoe was cool enough to send me a heads up that they’ll be playing The Slice on October 15th. By the way this track sounds, it’s a band definitely worth seeing. Royal Canoe (Thanks, Matt!) JonnyI’m a webslinger located in Lethbridge, AB. I love all things nerdy, like cartoons and videogames, and …

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The Wilderness Downtown

Chris Milk made a neat interactive music video that uses HTML5 and Google maps to make a custom music video about the place you grew up in. My hometown happens to be Lethbridge, so it’s pretty boring. The Wilderness Downtown (via BoingBoing) JonnyI’m a webslinger located in Lethbridge, AB. I love all things nerdy, like …

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DJ Sleepy Head keeps me awake at night

While at the fashion show last Friday, I discovered a cool Lethbridge DJ who goes by the moniker of Sleepy Head. Evangelos Lambrinoudis is his real name and he spins electro-experimental beats, or something like that. Just listen: Machines Beneath the Sidewalk by SLEEPY HEAD He also has a good mustache. Check out his website, …

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Saturday stuff

In the last couple of days, I’ve had some readers email me some upcoming events in Lethbridge. So here’s a quick update of things happening this Saturday: Dance workshops with Jo-Jo (previously mentioned here) An Explosion of World Dance 2010 (also previously mentioned here) Thanks Maxine & Stacy! JonnyI’m a webslinger located in Lethbridge, AB. …

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Kevin Kane live at Henotic

My friend Leeroy Stagger emailed to let me know that Kevin Kane (Grapes of Wrath) is playing with the Necessities at Henotic tonight at 9:30PM. It’s Friday, so come start your weekend right! Kevin Kane w/ The Necessities (Facebook event page) JonnyI’m a webslinger located in Lethbridge, AB. I love all things nerdy, like cartoons …

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We’ll make it out (of Lethbridge) one day

I came across this great song by The Rural Alberta Advantage the other day. It’s called “The Dethbridge in Lethbridge.” Just listen: [audio: To listen to more of their music, head over to CBC Radio 3. JonnyI’m a webslinger located in Lethbridge, AB. I love all things nerdy, like cartoons and videogames, and am also …

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Exclusive! Free Leeroy Stagger concert tracks for download

I’ve previously written about my friend Leeroy Stagger, who had recently been touring Germany to promote his album, "Everything is Real." An insider source, DL, posted an iTunes-ready live recording of Leeroy Stagger & The Wildflowers, from when they played at Laboratorium in Stuttgart on October 23, 2009. You can get the free tracks here …

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Danny Michel tonight at The Slice

Danny Michel, who produced Leeroy Stagger‘s album “Beautiful House,” will be playing at The Slice  tonight at 9:30PM. Last night, Leeroy joined him on stage, so if you’re lucky lightning might strike twice again! Danny Michel P.S. I love Feather, Fur & Fin. Listen to it on CBC Radio 3! JonnyI’m a webslinger located in …

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Leeroy Stagger interview + win free tickets!

Leeroy StaggerDespite his looks, Leeroy Stagger is a popular Canadian musician and also my friend. He has a new album out, Everything is Real, and will be putting on a show at The Slice this Saturday! He’ll be joined by Lethbridge favorites The Perpetrators and Kevin Kane.

I took 90 seconds to interview Leeroy, in case you’ve not familiar with him or his work.

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Mammoth Cave Festival is today!

Mammoth Cave FesitvalHopefully the weather is great today for the first annual Mammoth Cave Festival. It’s gonna be massive!

Outside on the Henotic rooftop on Victoria day. Going to be 12 straight hours of the best local bands this city has to offer, combined with some of our favourite out-of-towners!

Brought to you by the Mammoth Cave Promotions team with help from the fine folks at Beatroute, CKXU and Blueprint Records!

The first band starts playing at 1:30PM, so come before then to get your tickets for $15. After that time, the price goes up to $20.

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Straight outta L.A.

Some whiteys came up with a Lethbridge rap. Explicit language. JonnyI’m a webslinger located in Lethbridge, AB. I love all things nerdy, like cartoons and videogames, and am also a bit of a foodie. When I travel, I always keep my eyes out for hot springs and great places to adventure with my wife, Melissa.

This week in Lethbridge

Two fashion shows in two weeks! Lethbridge Fashion Week’s bi-annual fashion show is this Friday, and there’s 99% chance you’ll see me there. And also probably the Kabuki Guns Burlesque show at Henotic. I’ll be wearing my pasties.

If I may also suggest, check out the Amelia Earhart, Glencoulee and Classified shows. All 3 are a different genre, so take your pick!

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