Put on your dancing feet

Don’t trust the saying, “dance like no one is watching” because I did that once and ended up on an episode So You Think You Can Dance Canada. Granted, I was only a floor waxer, but if you pause it you can totally see my reflection on the floor.

Anyway, dance instructor Maxine Strain, who tried getting me to swing a couple of years ago, emailed to tell me about a workshop that is being held next Saturday. Professional dance instructor “Jo Jo” is coming down to Lethbridge to teach couples Country, West Coast Swing and Latin/Ballroom dancing.

If you’re unlike me and actually have a human dance partner, I suggest you go! Classes start at 7PM on Feb. 13 at the Bill Kergan Centre.

UPDATE: No partner required!

Dance Workshops With Jo Jo

Mammoth Cave Festival is today!

Mammoth Cave FesitvalHopefully the weather is great today for the first annual Mammoth Cave Festival. It’s gonna be massive!

Outside on the Henotic rooftop on Victoria day. Going to be 12 straight hours of the best local bands this city has to offer, combined with some of our favourite out-of-towners!

Brought to you by the Mammoth Cave Promotions team with help from the fine folks at Beatroute, CKXU and Blueprint Records!

The first band starts playing at 1:30PM, so come before then to get your tickets for $15. After that time, the price goes up to $20.

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This week in Lethbridge

Good Monday, Lethbians! You know why it’s good? Because I’m gonna get a massage today! That’s right, too much sitting behind the ol’ computer has atrophied these muscles and I need to get the blood flowing again. I suppose I could go salsa dancing too, but nerds don’t have girlfriends and I really need to level up my Warcraft character.

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World Fair Trade Day is fair

World Fair Trade DayNot only would today be World Belly Dance Day, but it’s also World Fair Trade Day. I think the prior must have been inspired by the latter at some point. But it seems like there’s a day for everything now; at least they have good intentions behind them.

On May 9th, people around the globe will clap their hands, tap their feet, and beat their drums against poverty. Arousing people to their potential as powerful agents of change, World Fair Trade Day draws attention to individuals and groups who have helped make Fair Trade what it is today – an effective model for economic and environmental transformation. Ten Thousand Villages Lethbridge will be celebrating World Fair Trade Day with live entertainment, product samplings, special discounts and activities for all ages. Ten Thousand Villages is located at 329 – 5th St. S. Lethbridge, AB.

So help support a sustainable global economy and check out Ten Thousand Villages today. Buy something awesome for your living room or even just some fair trade coffee. Then head on down to Henotic for some food and belly dance!

World Fair Trade Day

Dancing sheik to sheik

Belly Dance DaySpeaking of bellies, this Saturday marks the 3rd annual World Belly Dance Day. Ammena Dance Company will be putting on a show with scantily-clad belly dancers, as well as raising money to benefit the Canadian Cancer Society.

The event also includes a silent auction and runs this Saturday from 1PM – 5PM at Henotic. But if belly dancers aren’t enough of an incentive, go in support of charity and to sample some of Henotic’s great menu!

World Belly Dance Day

Eat to your heart’s content

No Diet DayThat’s right, it’s International No Diet Day, where finally you have an excuse to gorge yourself. Today, we can all take a break from dieting (like I need to!), and exercise (lol) acceptance for all fatsos, despite their front asses and back boobs.

International No Diet Day aims to raise public awareness of the dangers of improper dieting, weight loss and weight obsession. INDD is an annual celebration of body acceptance and body shape diversity. This day is also dedicated to raise awareness of the dangers in diets. There are several goals to the INDD:

  • Doubt the idea of one “right” body shape.
  • Raise awareness to weight discrimination, size bias and fatphobia.
  • Declare a free day from diets and obsessions to body weight.
  • etc.

I guess I forgot about the twigs out there. Let’s go to Red Dog for some poutine and hot dogs. We can go back to eating healthy tomorrow.

International No Diet Day

It’s Historic Lethbridge Week!

Historic Lethbridge WeekThis week celebrates the people and stories of our city, featuring concerts & exhibitions, film screenings, kid events, lectures & literature and other special events. The theme is the dirty 1930s.

But why have I not heard of this week before? Perhaps because it’s a tad boring with events like “Knitting Time’s Wool Challenge,” where there’s a contest to see who can knit a sweater in the fastest time possible. Though the Chili Challenge sounds like gastronomical fun, as does “Taste Of Downtown.” I was particularly interested in that until I found out it’s already sold out. I guess I’ll go back to licking the pavement and lamp posts.

Hopefully next year’s theme will be the 1920s, to commemorate our Red Light District. “The Point,” as it is called…and a favourite hangout of mine. Has anyone seen the twins lately?

Historic Lethbridge Week

Leisure Guide is leisurely

Leisure Guide100th post! w00t!

The Leisure Guide is an informational booklet and schedule of all the recreational activities that happen in Lethbridge, such as aquatics, arts, culture, heritage, fitness & recreation, nature & outdoor programs and more.

Our Goal is to provide a monthly advertising medium for the City of Lethbridge, community organizations and the community in general, to promote activities, programs and services to the citizens of Lethbridge.

I’m sure you can find these booklets in print somewhere, but for the life of me I have not seen one in years. The 65MB file is a hefty download, so look here for things to do while you wait.

@windymay – did you see how clever I was to post the “May” issue? Hopefully you’ll find something to do now!

Leisure Guide