Put on your dancing feet

Don’t trust the saying, “dance like no one is watching” because I did that once and ended up on an episode So You Think You Can Dance Canada. Granted, I was only a floor waxer, but if you pause it you can totally see my reflection on the floor. Anyway, dance instructor Maxine Strain, who …

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This week in Lethbridge

I hope everyone had a great long weekend. Rumblings from Twitter and Facebook tell me that yesterday’s Mammoth Cave Festival was a great success!

This week has some great musicians playing in Lethbridge, notably Leeroy Stagger, Twilight Hotel and Danny Michel!

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Mammoth Cave Festival is today!

Mammoth Cave FesitvalHopefully the weather is great today for the first annual Mammoth Cave Festival. It’s gonna be massive!

Outside on the Henotic rooftop on Victoria day. Going to be 12 straight hours of the best local bands this city has to offer, combined with some of our favourite out-of-towners!

Brought to you by the Mammoth Cave Promotions team with help from the fine folks at Beatroute, CKXU and Blueprint Records!

The first band starts playing at 1:30PM, so come before then to get your tickets for $15. After that time, the price goes up to $20.

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This week in Lethbridge

Good Monday, Lethbians! You know why it’s good? Because I’m gonna get a massage today! That’s right, too much sitting behind the ol’ computer has atrophied these muscles and I need to get the blood flowing again. I suppose I could go salsa dancing too, but nerds don’t have girlfriends and I really need to level up my Warcraft character.

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Eat to your heart’s content

That’s right, it’s International No Diet Day, where finally you have an excuse to gorge yourself. Today, we can all take a break from dieting (like I need to!), and exercise (lol) acceptance for all fatsos, despite their front asses and back boobs. International No Diet Day aims to raise public awareness of the dangers …

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It’s Historic Lethbridge Week!

This week celebrates the people and stories of our city, featuring concerts & exhibitions, film screenings, kid events, lectures & literature and other special events. The theme is the dirty 1930s. But why have I not heard of this week before? Perhaps because it’s a tad boring with events like “Knitting Time’s Wool Challenge,” where …

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Leisure Guide is leisurely

100th post! w00t! The Leisure Guide is an informational booklet and schedule of all the recreational activities that happen in Lethbridge, such as aquatics, arts, culture, heritage, fitness & recreation, nature & outdoor programs and more. Our Goal is to provide a monthly advertising medium for the City of Lethbridge, community organizations and the community …

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Get soiled

I’m not sure if @hotpepper is aware that it’s National Composting Awareness Week, where people are made aware of composting. He was reveling in how great the snow was for his shit pile, so I’m dedicating this post to him. In case you’ve been living in a void: Composting is an important way to recycle …

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This week in Lethbridge

Hmm, either nothing is happening this week or everyone else has also taken to playing Warcraft, instead of posting new stuff (like me). If it’s the latter, let’s quest together! I’m looking for a dwarf with a silk gown and bunny ears. In real life too.

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This week in Lethbridge

Two fashion shows in two weeks! Lethbridge Fashion Week’s bi-annual fashion show is this Friday, and there’s 99% chance you’ll see me there. And also probably the Kabuki Guns Burlesque show at Henotic. I’ll be wearing my pasties.

If I may also suggest, check out the Amelia Earhart, Glencoulee and Classified shows. All 3 are a different genre, so take your pick!

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Endangered Ape EP release party tonight

Endangered ApeOne of our favourite Lethbridge bands, Endangered Ape, are releasing their second EP “Ape Shall Not Kill Ape” tonight at Henotic. Adam writes:

My beloveds,

It has been many moons since Endangered Ape first started playing tunes here in Lethbridge to the fine members of the community and you have consistently blessed us with coming out, losing your shit, rocking out, and overall, being incredibly good-looking. Every night has been a frickin’ party, and it’s awesome that you fine people have checked us out.

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This week in Lethbridge

Lots and lots of stuff and junk happening around the city this week, like RAP BATTLES at Henotic! And a there’s also a pizza competition, as well as a fashion show! More on that later.

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