TacoTime: A Lethbridge first

TacoTimeYes, it may come as a surprise to many of you that Lethbridge was the location for Canada’s first TacoTime! Unfortunately, it came as a surprise to me today to find out that TacoTime is an also American brand.

Regardless, in 1978 the first TacoTime was opened on Mayor Magrath Drive, in the location currently occupied by The Front Row Pub (2018 edit: Kingsmen Ale House) Heralding back to my youth, I can recall a time when my father, sister and I ate there. He and I both had a “Super Soft Taco” that was the size of a premature infant. I tore into mine and dad, who’s blind as a bat, accidentally picked up a real baby from the patrons sitting next to us! Good thing for hot sauce.

I know many of you don’t consider TacoTime to be “authentic” Mexican cuisine, but I challenge you to find any other restaurant that serves escamoles in their burritos!


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