Say “aloha” to this food truck

I heard rumour of a food truck traversing the streets of Lethbridge, but didn't think twice about it until I saw this tweet from from @Masson23:

Hawaiian Treats Food Truck

Keep on the lookout for Hawaiian Treat's truck, and if you eat there make sure to take some photos or tell us about it in the comments!


Hawaiian Treats: Facebook | Twitter

Little Locavore Liam loves the Lighthouse

I got a buddy named Liam who goes around Lethbridge as the The LIttle Locavore. He's only 10-years-old, but is already pursuing his passion of becoming a chef.

Liam maintains a Blogspot that journals his adventures in our local culinary sphere, such as learning to make meat pies at the Urban Grocer, understanding the tools-of-the-trade at The Sous Chef, and creating his own sushi masterpiece at the Lighthouse.

The Little Locavore will be featured in the near future on Lethbian Love, but here's an appetizer to whet your palate:


Something smells spoiled on the southside

Last evening, I was shopping for veggies for a sweet & sour dish I was making for dinner. What I found was indeed sour…spoiled even. Disgusting. And this isn't the first time I've seen something like this at this particular store, which I won't name…but it does start with a "S" and end with a "S", and is also on the "S" part of town.

What we see here are leeks, kale and squishy radishes:


Asian Supermarket’s “Food Story”

One of my favourite grocery stores in the city is the family-owned Asian Supermarket. Patricia sent a shot-out on Twitter about a unique community-oriented idea they came up with: Food Story!

What would it be like, if all the little goodies, that we create in our lovely kitchen, could be shared with others? What if the scrumptuous homemade pralines, marmelade, cupcakes, or spicemix were to be remarkably decoratively packed for a trip, a few kilometers away, so that it would create happiness for someone?!

Our thoughts: It would be amazing!

And by paying it forward, by sharing with others, we, at the Asian Supermarket World Foods and Imports, want to create and foster this happiness: The idea to share and to connect us!

Their first theme is "Chocolate Happiness," beginning in the new year. Registration for participants is open until December 16th. Check out their blog for full details!

Allez cuisine!

This is my friend, Chef Doug. He’s a (culinary) Olympian heading to Luxembourg. Think Iron Chef on hard mode.

He also made me the best damn Manhattan ever.

Overes can handle the heat (via Lethbridge Herald)

Cinco de Mayo?

It’s official, Lethbridge is in it’s sixth month of winter. Ironic, isn’t it? That “Cinco de Mayo” elicits ideas of  warm weather and celebration.

There’s one beverage that, if the weather here was ever pleasant, I could see myself enjoying outside on a patio today: the daiquiri. Did you know that it was Ernest Hemingway’s favourite drink? He’s the author who wrote “The Old Man and the Sea”; his magnum opus after a 10-year writer’s block.

Maybe because I’m an anime geek and that I have Ponyo on my mind, but I am enamoured with the idea of living next the the sea, with its salty breezes and lighthouses. So unlike Lethbridge, with its man-made lakes full of weeds and dead fish.

I know this is a weak segue to my next thought, but I just thought it important to note that The Lighthouse is my favourite restaurant at the moment! From the artful presentation, the freshness of their seafood and generally reasonable price (all unlike O-Sho’s), I’ve been on a big sushi & sashimi kick. I even had the pleasure to enjoy some of the more “expensive” tuna sashimi on the house this past weekend. So delicious.

So I guess that goes to say that I wish it were hot outside, the trees blooming, with me lounging outside enjoying fresh sashimi and a daiquiri. That outlook looks bleak.

Tell me what you eat, I’ll tell you who you are.

Last week, I posted about some upcoming dance classes. As thanks, Maxine offered me the opportunity to attend one of her classes for free. Although the group was already 4 classes in, my natural grace and rhythm took over. That, and it was a beginner 2-step class. Standard fare if you’ve ever been to Essies, just no mini-jugs of booze.

Since that dance class was offered as part of Lethbridge College’s Mind-Body-Home catalogue, I decided to explore some of the other evening classes they offer. In particular, the non-credit culinary courses really appealed to me, so I signed up for the next available class, which was Vietnamese cooking. I ♥ Vietnamese food!

Taught by Chef Heng Ng, the class was a demo for creating 4 dishes and an accompanying sauce:

Although I tried linking to similar recipes as we received, you can find the actual ones in the Authentic Vietnamese Cooking book. They’re all very easy to cook!

Overall, I was very pleased with the class and loved being able to talk to a professional chef about food, one of my great loves (besides Natalie Portman). I’ll definitely be going again.

Culinary Careers

Ginger convention at the Galt

My mom, who is more connected than Twitter, gave me the heads up that the Galt Museum once again will be holding their popular “Scotch & Burns” event on January 22.

Join the Galt for this verrry special celebration of the Scottish poet’s birth. Try haggis, join in on the songs, and enjoy performances by the Lethbridge Highland Dancers and Lethbridge Scottish Country Dance Club, all followed by a Scotch Tasting [tickets at the event]. This year, event honours and commemorates long-time supporter Stewart Christie. You don’t have to be Scottish to attend!

Admission is $3 and kids under 6 get in free! Since scotch is an acquired taste, it’s best to train one’s palate by starting young.

Galt Museum & Archives

A fine beer may be judged with only one sip, but it’s better to be thoroughly sure

My liver can attest, I’m a connoisseur of beers. Imagine my delight when I discovered that Lethbridge has its own beer festival with over 100 types of domestic and international brews, probably including Old Style Pilsner, one of my dear favourites (among MANY others).

Lethbridge International Beerfest 

Tickets are only $10 in advance, available at The Wine Cavern. I’m so there.

Lethbridge’s International Beerfest

Lethbridge Sausage Party!

If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself. That’s what I always say.

Last night, Scott (a.k.a. Heavy P) hosted an Oktoberfest party. We sat down to a feast of Oktoberfest sausage, sauerkraut, perogies and my special bacon+onion gnocchi dish, all accompanied by a wide assortment of fine European beers and great Bavarian music! The aroma in the household was very manly, to say the least.

Oktoberfest Continue reading ‘Lethbridge Sausage Party!’