Recently on Lethbian Love

It seems the theme for this week was change:

Environmental – I needed a fashion makeover, so I went shopping at Edit, where sustainable shopping and eco-friendliness is at the forefront (don’t forget to come in for a free eco-jot notebook).

Cultural – We listened to some Brocket 99, the fake aboriginal radio station that’s been notorious in Southern Alberta for over 23 years. I also gave you the heads up on some world dance and music, happening tonight, and the U of L film club – so go out and broaden your horizons!

Political – Jenn wrote about Lethbians making a difference, with the upcoming event “Changing the World: Student Speaker’s Challenge,” where students will stand up and say what they believe will change the world.

Personal – I switched shampoos and no more dandruff!

And if you’re still looking for something to do tonight, come out to Henotic for the Endangered Ape, Fox Opera and Hunter/Gatherer show. Have a few beers while you’re there.

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