300 posts and 4 years later…

Thank you to all my readers who've put up with my quirky posts, rants and whatever else! I certainly don't post with any regularity (that's because I'm irregular), but I never thought I'd still be blogging as Lethbian Love four years later. 🙂

Recently on Lethbian Love

Well, I don’t know if any Lethbian Lovers out there donated money, but Kelly was able to surpass her goal and raised $340.55 for cancer research. Kelly helped raise over $95,000 in the Trail Relay for Life marathon over the weekend!

This past Saturday, I went to a Leeroy Stagger concert that was superb! He had the full band with them and they rocked The Slice.

Speaking of rock, we also saw Mammoth Cave Festival earlier this week, which had a full 12 hours of local and out-of-town talent shaking the rooftop of Henotic

And in other news, Jaime Vedres’ photo is still up for grabs on eBay. The bid is at $150, but it’s worth it if you got the dough.

Recently on Lethbian Love

Not much action on Lethbian Love this past week, due in part that I was out of town for a couple of days. I was laying low as some gangstas was all up in my shit.

Anyway, so some dude name Edmund Burke once said, “You can never plan the future by the past.” I hope that stays true as the city starts planning for the future of Lethbridge, leaving behind its dirty past in history books. Yeah.

Recently on Lethbian Love

The well ran dry last week, thus my lack of posts. That or World of Warcraft has taken over my life (I caved). You can’t believe how many times I’ve died. Anyway, did you know that Lethbridge is in a semi-arid desert? It’s true, and the best evidence was all the camel toe I saw last Friday. But despite that, we still manage to thrive as an agricultural community! Boy, I got my sights on some melons this summer…may the fruit be abundant!

Recently on Lethbian Love

Lethbridge is looking pretty brown lately and spring remains elusive. Global warming, my rear! Yet the snow has melted, only to reveal all sorts of garbage that has accumulated over the season.

With the ape flu running rampant, it’s only a matter of time that all sorts of bacteria come out of their winter hibernation and wreak havoc on Lethbridge. But Carli has got you covered. Might as well go out in style.

On a more boring, but important note, Lethbridge also held “visioning workshops” to gather public input on where Lethbridge should head in the next 40 years. In the session I attended, there were roughly 70 people, only 15% were below the age of 30. The majority of the people who were there won’t even be alive to see 2050! But earlier that day, I had the opportunity to have lunch with a couple of consultants who are involved in the “Plan Your City” initiative. They’re really keen on getting young people involved and even took their time to listen to little ‘ol me!

Try the bison steak sandwich at Henotic, by the way. So juicy and tender.

Recently on Lethbian Love

Maybe a sin tax ain’t so bad, after all. Maybe next time I’ll notice the Adam’s apple on that hot girl, before I end up in my birthday suit. But then maybe I won’t have an excuse…

It was all about music and dance this week. The ultra-hot, all girl group (with two boys) band, The Myelin Sheaths, made their debut and I was there, throwing my undies and flowers at the stage. Yet another embarrassing moment caught on tape.

Recently on Lethbian Love

I don’t know what got into me. Last week’s lack of updates, I mean. I’m getting slow in my old age, which is making it a little hard to remember things. That and I drink too much.

So it’s Easter, which means it’s socially acceptable to don my bunny costume in public, and get gooey. You know, with Creme Eggs. What were you thinking, I’d yiff that ape? Furry please.

Explore and embrace a special wild place

Jack MinerToday is the birthdate of Jack Miner; some dead guy I never heard about until today. While miners played an important part in the early days of Lethbridge (the city was once named Coalbanks), this “Miner” was important for another reason.

“Wild Goose Jack,” as he was known, is the grandfather of Canada conservationism. He established sanctuaries and wildlife refuges across Canada, and lectured on habitat preservation among other things.

For this reason, National Wildlife Week (April 5 – 11, 2009) was established in his memory. This week is a tribute to the man who created public interest in wildlife and habitat conservation.

Established in 1947, National Wildlife Week is celebrated during the week that includes 10 April, the birth date of the late Jack Miner, one of the founders of Canada’s conservation movement.

Although Lethbridge is in a semi-arid climate, we have many plants and animals native to our area, none of which I can name right now because I have drank too much wine. But if you have an interest in knowing more, I highly recommend taking a few hours to explore the Birds of Prey Sanctuary or the Helen Schuler Nature Centre.

Being a furry, I’m more than willing to explore and embrace a special wild place. Too bad chimpanzees aren’t native to Southern Alberta. Regardless, meat is on the menu tonight. I’ve got a stomach for conservation.

National Wildlife Week

Recently on Lethbian Love

It was a slow week, that’s for sure. The biggest news was that our Mayor Bob Tarleck was found having an affair with a former city-council member, which I had to make up. Granted, it was an April Fools joke. I’ve been running on fumes lately and that was the best I could come up with! Literally, I wish the gas company would fix this leak.

Speaking of leaks, I’m glad I wore ultra-absorbents because I made it through the entire 12-hour film marathon! I wasn’t so lucky at the film festival, though. Good thing I had some Poo-Pourri handy!

When it comes to poo smells, Robert Pattinson actually doesn’t have bad breath. This according to famous singer Adaline, who recently got to meet the sparkly-hunk-vampire-actor who played Edward Cullen in Twilight.

Well, I guess that sums it up, so I’m going to light up a smoke. You can lecture me about it later…


Well there goes my last tooth. I guess it makes it easier to suckle, at least.