Adaline hits the National Post

Here’s an update to my post earlier this week: It seems that Vancouver musician Adaline is winning more than just the heart Robert Pattinson, but rather fans from across the world. Beyond the +30,000 plays on her MySpace page, she is now featured in CHARTattack, the Vancouver Sun and even the National Post. “What is …

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Adaline’s brush with “Edward Cullen”

Vancouver musician Shawna Beesley (a.k.a. adaline) is reportedly romantically-linked to Robert Pattinson after meeting at a Juno Afterparty at Richards on Richards, a popular music venue in Vancouver. “I’m just happy to have this moment with you.” At that point, he pulled me into an warm embrace… Okay, maybe I skewed that just a little, …

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The Lethbridge Connection

There’s something unique about this city, and it’s not just the aroma of 2nd Avenue North. You may not immediately notice it, but it seems that everyone here knows one another. At least, in some manner.

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