Curse you, Old Man Winter!

Well, that settles it. Of all days to bundle up because of the cold weather, it has to be on National Cleavage Day. Granted, it’s not really a Canadian holiday…not yet, at least. Starting small, I’m about to change all that. I’ve already caught a few glances of my man cleavage being observed and am feeling very empowered.

According to Samantha Paterson, the brand manager for Wonderbra, the National Cleavage Day started according to a design to solemnize women’s independence and power in all facets of life, from their careers to their relationships to their own destiny.

Paterson explained, “It gives women a chance to be beautiful and glow in the furtive, yet appreciative, glances their cleavage evokes from men. It gives men a legitimate reason to stare at boobs”.

National Cleavage Day or bust

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