Tonight in Lethbridge – Friday, at long last

Last night, I welcomed fellow geeks Windy and Jeddy to Lethbridge. As representative of the Lethbridge Welcoming Committee, I pulled out all the stops. They even paid for the beer. That’s right, they bought ME beer, because that’s how we roll in Lethbridge. Like Wimp Lo said, “I am more bloody, therefore I win.”

That was a lot of beer, though. But I sure taught the pavement a lesson! Here’s what’s going down tonight.

Herb Hicks Jazz Quartet
6PM @ Mocha Cabana

Marianas Trench
7PM @ The Roadhouse

CKXU Night Live: Dub, Reggae & Dancehall Night
8PM @ Henotic Restaurant and Lounge

Beija Flor with The Record Holder & Withiddenoise
9PM @ The Slice Bar & Grill

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