Free wine tasting this afternoon, very affordable

Andrew Hilton Wine & Spirits usually holds wine and spirit tasting throughout the year. This past winter, I kept warm with their Friday scotch tastings, pretending to know what the hell I was talking about by saying, “This has a strong peat flavour, which contrasts with subtle hints of apricot and sandalwood.”

In their newsletter, Kyle writes:

This afternoon’s Free Friday Tasting will feature 4 phenomenal Chardonnays from 4 of my favorite producers. first up are two great Californian Chards, one from James Cole, and one from Steele. Both are classic Calfornian-style wines, with buttery well-integrated oak, rich apple, and cream flavors. We also have a very top-end Grand Cru Chablis, from the Les Preuses vineyard, made by our top Chablis producer Jean Dauvissat. Finally, we have a Meursault from Francois D’Allaines. So two very good Californians and two very  expensive French wines, it should be a great way to start your weekend.

Since my grandmother tells me it’s forbidden to drink red wine today, white must be fine because not all grapes are sinners. So go forth, drink!

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