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Jack MinerToday is the birthdate of Jack Miner; some dead guy I never heard about until today. While miners played an important part in the early days of Lethbridge (the city was once named Coalbanks), this “Miner” was important for another reason.

“Wild Goose Jack,” as he was known, is the grandfather of Canada conservationism. He established sanctuaries and wildlife refuges across Canada, and lectured on habitat preservation among other things.

For this reason, National Wildlife Week (April 5 – 11, 2009) was established in his memory. This week is a tribute to the man who created public interest in wildlife and habitat conservation.

Established in 1947, National Wildlife Week is celebrated during the week that includes 10 April, the birth date of the late Jack Miner, one of the founders of Canada’s conservation movement.

Although Lethbridge is in a semi-arid climate, we have many plants and animals native to our area, none of which I can name right now because I have drank too much wine. But if you have an interest in knowing more, I highly recommend taking a few hours to explore the Birds of Prey Sanctuary or the Helen Schuler Nature Centre.

Being a furry, I’m more than willing to explore and embrace a special wild place. Too bad chimpanzees aren’t native to Southern Alberta. Regardless, meat is on the menu tonight. I’ve got a stomach for conservation.

National Wildlife Week

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