I swear, I only go for the fashion designs

Illuminate Fashion ShowLike I’ve said before, I’m quite fashionable. This spring, I forecast that the “urban barrel” will take Lethbridge by storm in all this season’s hottest colours. That is, if we ever get away from this cursed snow!

But surely things will heat up Saturday night, as Lethbridge College’s Fashion Design & Marketing students hold their annual fashion show, Illuminate.

More than 160 garments designed and constructed by the students, plus silent auction and booths/tables featuring handcrafted items for sale; proceeds go to scholarships or charity.

The show is at 7PM in the D.A. Electric Barn. Overpriced tickets are $20, available at the LCSA office in the college’s Centre Core. But I guess $20 isn’t bad, considering it goes to charity. And you get to ogle college girls in bathing suits.


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