TD pumps it up

So, TD Canada Trust is holding a contest for a chance to win a massive concert (worth $300,000 – not kidding) for Lethbridge College. It’s called TD Pump It Up! I’m asking everyone to vote for the college (and complete the additional tasks for extra entries).

Also, the Lethbridge College Students’ Association has set a booth up outside their offices to encourage students to vote. They even are giving away goodie packs and a chance to win Flames tickets for doing so. I got a free Schick Hydro 5 razor with five blades and hydrating gel skin guards to reduce irritation.

TD customers also get VIP status if the college wins. It’s easy to enter via Facebook or email: TD Pump It Up!

EDIT: I just thought I should mention that the concert is Mother Mother, B.o.B. and Team Canada DJs.

UPDATE: You blew it, Lethbridge. We lost out on the fifth round 🙁

Tell me what you eat, I’ll tell you who you are.

Last week, I posted about some upcoming dance classes. As thanks, Maxine offered me the opportunity to attend one of her classes for free. Although the group was already 4 classes in, my natural grace and rhythm took over. That, and it was a beginner 2-step class. Standard fare if you’ve ever been to Essies, just no mini-jugs of booze.

Since that dance class was offered as part of Lethbridge College’s Mind-Body-Home catalogue, I decided to explore some of the other evening classes they offer. In particular, the non-credit culinary courses really appealed to me, so I signed up for the next available class, which was Vietnamese cooking. I ♥ Vietnamese food!

Taught by Chef Heng Ng, the class was a demo for creating 4 dishes and an accompanying sauce:

Although I tried linking to similar recipes as we received, you can find the actual ones in the Authentic Vietnamese Cooking book. They’re all very easy to cook!

Overall, I was very pleased with the class and loved being able to talk to a professional chef about food, one of my great loves (besides Natalie Portman). I’ll definitely be going again.

Culinary Careers

Discount massages; minimal risk of paralysis.

Recently, my masseuse left this city and took her golden hands along with her. My body delights in rubs and kneads, and I find myself missing her touch upon my body.

Luckily, Lethbridge College’s Massage Therapy students need some hands-on experience, so they are running massage clinics three days a week this semester, from 5:30-8PM Tuesdays and Thursdays and 9:30AM-noon and 1-3:30PM on Saturdays. Twenty dollars gets you an hour, while $10 for 30-min.

What they lack in experience they make up for in fervour, so treat yourself and go for a massage! Call Joanna at 403-320-3211 to set up an appointment.

I swear, I only go for the fashion designs

Illuminate Fashion ShowLike I’ve said before, I’m quite fashionable. This spring, I forecast that the “urban barrel” will take Lethbridge by storm in all this season’s hottest colours. That is, if we ever get away from this cursed snow!

But surely things will heat up Saturday night, as Lethbridge College’s Fashion Design & Marketing students hold their annual fashion show, Illuminate.

More than 160 garments designed and constructed by the students, plus silent auction and booths/tables featuring handcrafted items for sale; proceeds go to scholarships or charity.

The show is at 7PM in the D.A. Electric Barn. Overpriced tickets are $20, available at the LCSA office in the college’s Centre Core. But I guess $20 isn’t bad, considering it goes to charity. And you get to ogle college girls in bathing suits.


Bohemian Waxwing

I took a few photos of a poor, little bird after coming back to work from lunch one day.

Bohemian Waxwing

Bohemian Waxwing

It was found hurt after flying into a window, so someone put it up in a tree next to the doorway of the college’s Technologies Building. As some lady was performing Reiki on it (crazy?), I decided to grab my camera and take some shots. I can’t believe how close I was able to get!

What a beautiful bird – it was so puffed up! When I came back later, it was gone. Hopefully, it met up with its friends. There were A LOT of them!

Bohemian Waxwing

Students present “The World’s Best Commercials”

The best commercials from around the world will be shown at Lethbridge College next month:

Tickets, at $5, will be sold March 5 in the Centre Core kiosk. Snacks and refreshments are included. Proceeds will go to Bridges of Hope International Network of Development Agencies Inc., which promotes poverty relief and community empowerment in the Third World.

Considering the DVDs themselves come at a hefty price, $5 is a steal for a show and snacks. Better yet, you’ll be supporting charity by going to this event.

March 10, 12 – World’s Best Commercials

Free movie night, courtesy of “The LC”

Lethbridge College Alumni Association is holding a free movie night, again. Open to any students or alumni, you have a choice between 7 movies showing at The Movie Mill (I’m seeing Marley & Me Twilight, again). The selection may not be great, but it’s free! For $4, you can also get a medium popcorn and soda pop.

Just tell Kelly I sent you. She’ll give you the hook-up.

Feb. 25 – Alumni Movie Night II