World Fair Trade Day is fair

World Fair Trade DayNot only would today be World Belly Dance Day, but it’s also World Fair Trade Day. I think the prior must have been inspired by the latter at some point. But it seems like there’s a day for everything now; at least they have good intentions behind them.

On May 9th, people around the globe will clap their hands, tap their feet, and beat their drums against poverty. Arousing people to their potential as powerful agents of change, World Fair Trade Day draws attention to individuals and groups who have helped make Fair Trade what it is today – an effective model for economic and environmental transformation. Ten Thousand Villages Lethbridge will be celebrating World Fair Trade Day with live entertainment, product samplings, special discounts and activities for all ages. Ten Thousand Villages is located at 329 – 5th St. S. Lethbridge, AB.

So help support a sustainable global economy and check out Ten Thousand Villages today. Buy something awesome for your living room or even just some fair trade coffee. Then head on down to Henotic for some food and belly dance!

World Fair Trade Day

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