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Leeroy StaggerDespite his looks, Leeroy Stagger is a popular Canadian musician and also my friend. He has a new album out, Everything is Real, and will be putting on a show at The Slice this Saturday! He’ll be joined by Lethbridge favorites The Perpetrators and Kevin Kane.

I took 90 seconds to interview Leeroy, in case you’ve not familiar with him or his work.

Where are you from and why did you choose to make Lethbridge your home base?

Im from Victoria B.C. I moved here because of a girl about 3 years ago, we just bought a house so i would imagine we’ll be here a little bit longer

What’s your opinion of the “scene” here?

well, I dont go out much, but there are some really great musicians here but only a handful that seem to take is seriously and take there music elsewhere wich unfortunately is what you need to do to succeed unless your doing that canadian Idol kinda shit, then you might as well stay home.

What genre of music do you consider your work to be? Who are your major influences?

I dont like genres because its all just music at the end of the day. My major influences would be tom petty, bruce springsteen, ryan adams, loudon wainwright iii, steve earle, john hiatt. pretty much all the badasses…..beethoven.

Tell us about your new album.

Its very good, with some very great players on it such as Bob Furgo from the leonard cohen band, Neal Casal of the Cardinals among others.

Why did you start your new label, Rebeltone Records?

I just wanted more control over what was happening with my career, also i needed a vehicle to release the ESP record i did with tim easton and evan phillips

What was your most memorable performance?

theres been a few but I guess opening for george thorogood at the hockey rink in victoria was pretty insane, especially since it was just me and an acoustic guitar.

Your songs tend to do deal with some heavy stuff. Why is that?

i guess cause thats life ya know, sometimes it gets heavy and I tend to write about what i know

How did your music end up on Grey’s Anatomy anyway?

Well im sure the story is really quite boring, Record label dude submits it the music supervisor who finds a spot for it on the show if she likes it. Its not like Patrick Dempsey hand picked me over thousands of artists or some nonsense like that. we could pretend that was the instance though.

How has your music evolved?

well i guess its finally grown legs…………well like anything over time and experience it will get better. I overthink everything at this stage wich is really a hinderance id say.

Where will Leeroy Stagger be 5 years from now?

one day at a time there my friend……

Any last words?

Thanks. Go buy my record please.

Check out the show – I guarantee it’ll be great! Tickets are available at Blueprint or at the door for $15, but you can win a free pair by entering your name in the comment section below!

Leeroy Stagger

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