Routine? What routine?

Usually, all it takes for me is a few cocktails to break out my dancing shoes. That’s not to say I can’t dance unless I have a few in me, but I’m 99% positive that I am a better dancer when I do. 100%, even.

Lately, the extent of my dancing has been the last 2 weddings that I have crashed in as many weeks. It gives me the physical contact that I crave, without being outright creepy. No cuddle parties here!

Where was I going with this? Oh yeah.

Following the lead of Lethbridge mega-star Theo Tams, we have Tara-Jean Popowich. She’s a 20-year-old firecracker from Lethbridge, currently running in the top 4 of CTV’s “So You Think You Can Dance Canada.”

There’s an episode tonight that will decide her fate! Will she move onto the top  spot? I don’t care, because I don’t watch that show! Maybe some of you do, but I just think she’s a babe.

So You Think You Can Dance Canada

UPDATE: She won!

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