Put on your dancing feet

Don’t trust the saying, “dance like no one is watching” because I did that once and ended up on an episode So You Think You Can Dance Canada. Granted, I was only a floor waxer, but if you pause it you can totally see my reflection on the floor.

Anyway, dance instructor Maxine Strain, who tried getting me to swing a couple of years ago, emailed to tell me about a workshop that is being held next Saturday. Professional dance instructor “Jo Jo” is coming down to Lethbridge to teach couples Country, West Coast Swing and Latin/Ballroom dancing.

If you’re unlike me and actually have a human dance partner, I suggest you go! Classes start at 7PM on Feb. 13 at the Bill Kergan Centre.

UPDATE: No partner required!

Dance Workshops With Jo Jo

Ginger convention at the Galt

My mom, who is more connected than Twitter, gave me the heads up that the Galt Museum once again will be holding their popular “Scotch & Burns” event on January 22.

Join the Galt for this verrry special celebration of the Scottish poet’s birth. Try haggis, join in on the songs, and enjoy performances by the Lethbridge Highland Dancers and Lethbridge Scottish Country Dance Club, all followed by a Scotch Tasting [tickets at the event]. This year, event honours and commemorates long-time supporter Stewart Christie. You don’t have to be Scottish to attend!

Admission is $3 and kids under 6 get in free! Since scotch is an acquired taste, it’s best to train one’s palate by starting young.

Galt Museum & Archives

She said, “Nice move.” To which I replied, “That’s the only one I have!”

Today, yours truly met his future ex-wife, Lethbridge’s "So You Think You Can Dance Canada" superstar, Tara-Jean Popowich.

Now you may think I had this planned all along, but it was fate that brought us together! It just so happened that on the day when I got my license back oil changed, she was at Milestone Mazda receiving her prize of a Mazda 3 and signing autographs for small girls and old people.

Tara-Jean Popowich and Jonathan Ruzek dance endlessly.

Tara-Jean, perhaps one day we’ll get to polka. Until then, know that I am always watching you…

You also smell good.

Routine? What routine?

Usually, all it takes for me is a few cocktails to break out my dancing shoes. That’s not to say I can’t dance unless I have a few in me, but I’m 99% positive that I am a better dancer when I do. 100%, even.

Lately, the extent of my dancing has been the last 2 weddings that I have crashed in as many weeks. It gives me the physical contact that I crave, without being outright creepy. No cuddle parties here!

Where was I going with this? Oh yeah.

Following the lead of Lethbridge mega-star Theo Tams, we have Tara-Jean Popowich. She’s a 20-year-old firecracker from Lethbridge, currently running in the top 4 of CTV’s “So You Think You Can Dance Canada.”

There’s an episode tonight that will decide her fate! Will she move onto the topĀ  spot? I don’t care, because I don’t watch that show! Maybe some of you do, but I just think she’s a babe.

So You Think You Can Dance Canada

UPDATE: She won!

Dancing sheik to sheik

Belly Dance DaySpeaking of bellies, this Saturday marks the 3rd annual World Belly Dance Day. Ammena Dance Company will be putting on a show with scantily-clad belly dancers, as well as raising money to benefit the Canadian Cancer Society.

The event also includes a silent auction and runs this Saturday from 1PM – 5PM at Henotic. But if belly dancers aren’t enough of an incentive, go in support of charity and to sample some of Henotic’s great menu!

World Belly Dance Day

Salsa is spicy

Henotic Salsa MondaysNot many people know this, but I once had a short-lived career as a Salsa dancer. Yes, it happened about a year after I gave up figure skating. I thought, “My feet cannot betray me.”

And I was right, both left feet stayed true. The same cannot be said for my ex-partner, Luciana. She was beautiful; her body flowed smoother than this expensive whiskey. But alas, Felipe, one of my many my rivals, stole her away from me. He won her with chest hair and championships, neither of which could I ever attain.

But fate not always be so unkind. No, one does not need a dance partner to take part in Henotic’s “Salsa Mondays.” All you need is a burning passion.

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Big Band Boogie

Like Bob Ross says, there are things such as “happy mistakes.” It’s like the time I planned to go out for a night of Jive dancing at a swingers’ party, but ended up doing the Polka instead!

This Saturday, The Kinsmen Club of Lethbridge is holding the 4th Annual Big Band Boogie. The night includes a free dance lesson, as well as silent auction. Proceeds from the event go to benefit MS Society of Canada.

Get out your dancing shoes, as there’s nothing better than a night of big band and swing dancing! It all starts at 7:30PM at the El Rancho Convention Centre.

4th Annual Big Band Boogie

An Explosion Of World Dance and Music

If there’s one thing I don’t like, it’s half-naked dancing women. It’s not fair – I’m focusing really hard on my two-step, but they’re all “looking hot” and distracting me! Well, next time I’m gonna wear my mesh t-shirt…then we’ll see who’s bringing sexy back!

So every once in a while, I prefer to just put down some cash, take a seat and watch beautiful women dance for me. It’s a sexy explosion – of world dance and music!

Last year, I had the pleasure of taking in this show. There were plenty of jiggly bits and ethnic beats; definitely an enjoyable time. “Explosion” primarily features belly, latin and other world dances, as performed by the Ammena Dance Company. It also includes eclectic music by artists such as Santana Ondina and more. This year’s special guest is Fiona Malena, from Spain. I don’t know who that is.

The night also includes food and drinks, as well as booths from local vendors during pre-show and intermission. The event starts at 6PM on March 14th and is located at the Yates Memorial Centre. Tickets are $25.

If you’re anything like me and prefer to sit when you watch belly dancers, this show is for you.

An Explosion Of World Dance and Music (via Facebook)