Salsa is spicy

Henotic Salsa MondaysNot many people know this, but I once had a short-lived career as a Salsa dancer. Yes, it happened about a year after I gave up figure skating. I thought, “My feet cannot betray me.”

And I was right, both left feet stayed true. The same cannot be said for my ex-partner, Luciana. She was beautiful; her body flowed smoother than this expensive whiskey. But alas, Felipe, one of my many my rivals, stole her away from me. He won her with chest hair and championships, neither of which could I ever attain.

But fate not always be so unkind. No, one does not need a dance partner to take part in Henotic’s “Salsa Mondays.” All you need is a burning passion.

And if you do find yourself passionate for Salsa, and hopefully a dance partner as well, there is also a weekend event coming up. Professional dance instructors Maxwell Aguilar and Kristan Bickley, both from Edmonton, are presenting a 4-lesson course for $20/person (incredible deal). But to make it even sweeter, Johannes writes:

We’re really trying to push ticket sales for the ‘Weekend of Salsa’ workshops on Saturday, April 25. In hopes of getting more people in attendance, we’re making you an offer: if you sell 4 tickets (would be best to find 2 couples), you can receive your ticket for free (or, if you have already paid, we will reimburse you). Please ask around and let me (or Aarin) know if you need tickets to sell.

If I may suggest, do take advantage of these events. Real dancing is an invaluable skill. It also helps get you laid (which I have yet to verify).

Weekend of Salsa

At least I still have my puppies…

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