Cinco de Mayo?

It’s official, Lethbridge is in it’s sixth month of winter. Ironic, isn’t it? That “Cinco de Mayo” elicits ideas of  warm weather and celebration.

There’s one beverage that, if the weather here was ever pleasant, I could see myself enjoying outside on a patio today: the daiquiri. Did you know that it was Ernest Hemingway’s favourite drink? He’s the author who wrote “The Old Man and the Sea”; his magnum opus after a 10-year writer’s block.

Maybe because I’m an anime geek and that I have Ponyo on my mind, but I am enamoured with the idea of living next the the sea, with its salty breezes and lighthouses. So unlike Lethbridge, with its man-made lakes full of weeds and dead fish.

I know this is a weak segue to my next thought, but I just thought it important to note that The Lighthouse is my favourite restaurant at the moment! From the artful presentation, the freshness of their seafood and generally reasonable price (all unlike O-Sho’s), I’ve been on a big sushi & sashimi kick. I even had the pleasure to enjoy some of the more “expensive” tuna sashimi on the house this past weekend. So delicious.

So I guess that goes to say that I wish it were hot outside, the trees blooming, with me lounging outside enjoying fresh sashimi and a daiquiri. That outlook looks bleak.

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