McGuinty’s, the new pub in town

Last night, my friends and I decided to check out the new Irish pub in Lethbridge, McGuinty’s. It’s located in the old Roadhouse building, which it shares with Pulse nightclub. I question that a little.

The pub is only about a month old, so it smells of fresh paint rather than booze or anything else. Although it seems to be lacking some charm, I think given enough time it will grow into its skin.

The great thing about it is some of the drinks they have on tap – Kilkenny, Harp, Guinnes and Strongbow. Since we went on a Tuesday, it was a dollar off draft. Their menu also sounds really, really good, but a little on the pricey side. I was able to sample a deep-fried dill pickle and some beer-battered onion rings. Tasted great.

McGuinty’s also has a couple dart boards, which I am awful at playing. At least I wasn’t the only one to put a hole in the wall! But after a little coaching by a fellow that was playing next to us, my game improved (slightly). Now I’m not sure if he was drunk or just Irish, but he was a friendly sort and apparently taught folks to play darts. So thanks, whoever you are.

Long story short, the verdict is that I like it. I’m interested in seeing the Lethbridge Fire Dept Piping Band there in a couple of days.

Though, I’m not sure how the club hoppers and pub drunkards will relate, but I’m sure the amount of stabbings will probably stay the same.

McGuinty’s Irish Pub (via Facebook)

2 thoughts on “McGuinty’s, the new pub in town”

  1. Regarding the posting by Johnathan Ruzek, “McGuinty’s, the New Pub in Town”, it was absurd to have stated, “Now I’m not sure if he’s drunk or just Irish”, which plays to the stereotype of the Irish as drunkards.

    Secondly, the statement, “I’m sure the ampunt of stabbing will probably stay the same”, based on what evidence?? At best, that statement is just speculative unless the author of that post has 100% over the idiots who choose to bring knives into publicly licensed venues, which would go to explain the certainty of that statement.

    As for the insinuation about “McGuinty’s Irish Pub” being adjacent to “Pulse Nightclub” it is what it is. If patrons want to imbibe at a public licensed establishment, which has a relaxed atmosphere with friendly and competent staff that has an adequate menu along with a variety of beers, ales, and liquor before head next door to “Pulse Nightclub” then that’s very convenient.

    What had happened with the multiple stabbings at the then so called “World Famous Roadhouse” back on Oct. 18 had happened. In my opinion, it was an aberration. Get over it! There’s a new nightclub/dance club and Irish pub in Lethbridge, and money has been spent to renovate both publicly licensed establishments. “McGuinty’s Irish Pub” has a charm about it along with friendly service and a plethora of beers, ales to choose from. The men’s washroom is unrecognizable from the disgusting one at the ole “Roadhouse”, and the new one is very clean without the centimetres of filthy water mixed with urine from smashed urinals and plugged toilets pooling on the floor.

    I have found “McGuinty’s Irish Pub” during my patronizations of it to be very good experiences in terms of service, selection of beers, ales, and as for the food like Irish stew, and Shepherd’s pie, the two items I can comment on, they weren’t that filling for a big eater like me as I found myself wanting more.

    Overall the ambience of the venue is very cosy if you want to just sit alone or with associates to drink your drinks, sample some finger food, watch televised sporting events, or just relax. And I would patronize “McGuinty’s Irish Pub” again.

  2. Wow!  Really nice folks running the place.  The food is awesome and not too pricey – the steak sandwich is “to die for” and I hear the roast beef is even better!  They have karaoke on Thursday nights and it is a real hoot.  Totally different from the infamous Roadhouse; not the same crowd at all!


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