My Style featuring Shaylene

Truth be told, I don’t know all that much about Shaylene. I vaguely remember the first few times I noticed her at work (years ago). And every once in a while I run into her in the hallways, so I stop to say hello.

What I do know: she’s got that well-dressed, smart girl with glasses look down. And I like it. Sorry there’s only one photo this time around!

General Studies Instructor & NIT Coordinator/Advisor at Lethbridge College

Where’d your outfit come from?
I bought the dress from Joanne at Edit. The brand of the dress is “Individual for iclothing co.”

The boots are from “Spring.”

Style influences?
Different environments often inspire a new direction of style. My style influences come from the streets of various places I have traveled. When I come home I am motivated to create a new outfit, it’s like taking on a new challenge, where I have to fit someone else’s look into my own style. The key is to make it so that this new look is an expression of my own unique personality and nobody else’s. Style is truly an expressive form of art.

With this particular outfit I was inspired by the juxtaposition of a dressy yet casual look with the incorporation of a classic fitting dress that makes a statement all on its own, and raw boots with a little funky edge!

Something about me?
I am a huge fan of clothes and quotes. Sometimes a well presented outfit can have the same effect as a well stated quote! There is much power in what we see…

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