Cowabunga! Pizza for a park

There’s been a lot of talk about a new skatepark in Lethbridge. And recently, the Lethbridge Skate Association got a nice boost from Panago to help achieve that goal:

The LSA wants to send a huge thanks to Panago Pizza for donating Pizza coupons to be sold by the LSA as a fund-raiser! These coupons are $10 each and entitle you to any Medium Panago Pizza!

You can pick your coupons up at West 49, Infamous and Boarderline!

This fund-raising is going towards the costs of planning and developing our new skatepark! 100% of every dollar sold goes towards our new park, so come show your support and buy yourself some pizza coupons!

I like that idea (and pizza)! I agree with Wade Gallow that Lethbridge needs more recreational things-to-do for youth, and a skatepark is a great idea. Also, skateboarding is totally badass, even though I can’t even sit on a board.

Lethbridge Skate Association

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