The Word on The Street

I took in a bit of “The Word on the Street” festival this afternoon. The streets around the Lethbridge Public Library were closed off for presenters, booths and FOOD. I ate a hot dog.

Sunday, September 25, 2011 marks the day that Lethbridge joins Toronto, Vancouver, Halifax, Kitchener and Saskatoon in hosting the national Word On The Street Festival and celebration of literacy.

Hosted by the Lethbridge Public Library, the Lethbridge festival is designed to be a playful, all-ages, spill-out-into-the-street community event with something for everyone to see, hear, do, and of course, eat!

More photos after the jump.

The most awesome thing that caught my eye was some swordfight demonstrations by the Lethbridge Medieval Club (Facebook page here).

Erin (left) and Kris (right) told that they’re looking for some new members because the last few got decapitated. I forgot to ask if they accept mages.

Whetstone Magazine made an appearance, selling copies of their freshly-printed issue #2. Here’s my sister showing it off:

A number of poets and musicians took to the main stage. This is Shaela Miller and her band (they sounded great):

Even the Lethbridge Furries Club made an appearance!

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