The Word on The Street

I took in a bit of “The Word on the Street” festival this afternoon. The streets around the Lethbridge Public Library were closed off for presenters, booths and FOOD. I ate a hot dog.

Sunday, September 25, 2011 marks the day that Lethbridge joins Toronto, Vancouver, Halifax, Kitchener and Saskatoon in hosting the national Word On The Street Festival and celebration of literacy.

Hosted by the Lethbridge Public Library, the Lethbridge festival is designed to be a playful, all-ages, spill-out-into-the-street community event with something for everyone to see, hear, do, and of course, eat!

More photos after the jump.

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Whoopin’ It Up

Whoop-Up Days officially kicks of tomorrow with a parade that only old people, kids and those actually participating in the parade can attend…because the rest of us SOBs are at work. I’m sure Shaw TV will recap it over and over again, however. So here’s what’s happening: Hey, anyone else want to hop the fence …

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Powers combine: Wyrd Alberta + Mammoth Cave Fest!

Last year, the rooftops of Henotic were rocked from Mammoth Cave Fest, a live music extravaganza of elephantine proportions. It’s back for 2010, so I got in touch with maestro Paul Lawton to learn more!

This is the second time around for Mammoth Cave Fest. Tell us about it.
Last year was a pretty important one as far as the Lethbridge music community – studios opening left and right, local bands popping up left and right and getting signed (latest – Fist City who got picked up by Cleveland, Ohio’s Deadbeat Records, a great/storied punk rawk label), so we decided to celebrate last may by holding a giant party – Mammoth Cave Fest. That was such an astonishing success that we knew then and there that we would make it into a yearly event.

This year, we decided to team up with friends we made in Calgary (Sled Island) and Edmonton (Aaron Levin, who runs the website and who shared a common vision with his Wyrd Fest in Edmonton that was held last fall and which featured Myelin Sheaths and The Moby Dicks). Last November (post Wyrd Fest I), Aaron and I decided we should try and combine our two festivals, helping to both offset the costs and to help lure touring bands to come to Alberta (with the promise of three nights in a row of full houses). We got Sled Island’s Zak Pashak on board to help with Calgary and we spent the next few months assembling some of Canada’s very best fringe music acts.

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A fine beer may be judged with only one sip, but it’s better to be thoroughly sure

My liver can attest, I’m a connoisseur of beers. Imagine my delight when I discovered that Lethbridge has its own beer festival with over 100 types of domestic and international brews, probably including Old Style Pilsner, one of my dear favourites (among MANY others).   Tickets are only $10 in advance, available at The Wine …

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Mammoth Cave Festival is today!

Mammoth Cave FesitvalHopefully the weather is great today for the first annual Mammoth Cave Festival. It’s gonna be massive!

Outside on the Henotic rooftop on Victoria day. Going to be 12 straight hours of the best local bands this city has to offer, combined with some of our favourite out-of-towners!

Brought to you by the Mammoth Cave Promotions team with help from the fine folks at Beatroute, CKXU and Blueprint Records!

The first band starts playing at 1:30PM, so come before then to get your tickets for $15. After that time, the price goes up to $20.

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