Our drivers are bad and here’s the proof

Sly Grosjean

Study this man. His name is Sly Grosjean and is a nominee for Canada’s Worst Driver.

Brother-in-law, Fred is concerned that Sly is addicted to his technological driving devices. Sly is a deliveryman and has difficulty with directions. He relies heavily on the GPS on his phone to navigate his way around the city. Because Sly is dependant on driving with new technology, he’s also quick to make sure that nothing is his fault.

I’m rooting for you, Sly. Win this show and justify my road rage!

CKXU FUNdrive time

I’m sure this is old news to any CKXU listener, but for everyone else the CKXU FUNdrive is well underway. I probably should have blogged this earlier.

FUNdrive is the most important time of the year for CKXU. This is the only time of the year we solicit our listeners and the community for donations. These donations help us bring in a large portion of CKXU’s operating income and help us keep the station running for the year.

This year FUNdrive falls from October 21 – 28. This is the most fun and exciting time of the year at the station and all our shows join in to help raise the funds.

CKXU 88.3FM is the best radio station in Lethbridge, with the most diverse selection of music. It’s produced by University of Lethbridge students and volunteers, who need you big money to keep it on the air! Lots of events, swag and great music are your reward.


FNMI Awareness Days at Lethbridge College

FNMI Awareness Days are a chance to celebrate the pride, history and knowledge that are at the heart of Canada’s FNMI communities. The celebration begins today at 9 a.m. with the raising of the college tipi. This event will be followed by opening ceremonies at 11:30 a.m. in Centre Core and a feast of traditional stew and bannock at the Piita Pawanii Centre. Other events include a traditional fashion show, drumming and dancing, as well as a hoop-dance demonstration. A full schedule of events is available online. Artisans and craftsmen will be exhibiting their wares from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. daily in Centre Core.

Here’s a quick clip of what’s happening right now at Lethbridge College:


FNMI = First Nations, Metis & Inuit

Jazzerwocky jazz & poetry festival

Back in 2001 or so, I worked with Gordon Leigh (from the John Howard Society) and local author Richard Stevenson to advertise a  jazz & poetry festival. The logo above is some of my old work. Anyway, I hadn’t heard much on that front in a few years and am pleased to see that Jazzerwocky 2011 will be held at Whispers Restaurant & Lounge on October 22.

From Whisper’s blog:

Saturday, October 22, Whispers will host Jazzerwocky. Confirmed thus far are the Scott Davidson Trio, the Naked Ear, and poets Jay Gamble (U. of L. faculty) and Richard Stevenson (Leth College faculty), both well published poets.

I’ve enjoyed about a few of these events in years past. The lineup looks excellent!

Whispers Restaurant & Lounge

The Liptonians and Zolas to play The Slice

Matt writes:

hey dude,

my band the liptonians and another band from vancouver called the zolas will be playing at the slice on oct 16th… I was wondering if you’d post about it on your blog and facebook.


The Liptonians

Occupy Lethbridge

On October 15th, the 99% of Lethbridge will be holding their own “occupy” demonstration:


Saturday, October 15th, 2011
Lethbridge, Traditional Blackfoot Territory
Peacefully Assemble with The 99%!

10 am – Special “Not Your Mother’s Poetry” Broadcast on CKXU 88.3 FM.
Stop by the Station, Lower UofL SU Building

11 am – Sign making outside of City Hall

12 pm – Peaceful Assembly outside of City Hall – Beginning of the 99% Open Mic. Please keep it to under 5 minutes.

12:30 pm – March as part of the 99%. City Hall around downtown and back. Open Mic stops outside of financial institutions and Jim Hillyer, MP’s office. What is YOUR message to the 1%?

2:00 pm – Open Mic finishes at City Hall.

* The route is approximately 1km long and will be kept at a slow pace for those with limited mobility.

For those unable to march, there will be people with information mingling outside of City Hall. They would love to discuss how a better world is possible.

Occupy Lethbridge