CKXU FUNdrive time

I’m sure this is old news to any CKXU listener, but for everyone else the CKXU FUNdrive is well underway. I probably should have blogged this earlier.

FUNdrive is the most important time of the year for CKXU. This is the only time of the year we solicit our listeners and the community for donations. These donations help us bring in a large portion of CKXU’s operating income and help us keep the station running for the year.

This year FUNdrive falls from October 21 – 28. This is the most fun and exciting time of the year at the station and all our shows join in to help raise the funds.

CKXU 88.3FM is the best radio station in Lethbridge, with the most diverse selection of music. It’s produced by University of Lethbridge students and volunteers, who need you big money to keep it on the air! Lots of events, swag and great music are your reward.


CKXU broadcasts “7th Annual Homelessness Marathon”

CKXU 88.3 FM, Southern Alberta’s only campus-community radio station, will be broadcasting live the “Homelessness Marathon: Radio Reflecting on Ending Homelessness Tomorrow.

The Homelessness Marathon is an annual 14-hour radio broadcast featuring the voices and stories of homeless people. The Homelessness Marathon features live call-ins all night long via a national toll-free number (1-866-594-7729).

This year’s Homelessness Marathon will broadcast live from the streets of Montreal on Monday, February 23rd, starting at sunset and running all night long until sunrise on Tuesday, February 24th.

The seventh annual Homelessness Marathon will once again serve up 14 hours of people-powered radio, broadcasting this year from outside of the Native Friendship Center. With the goal of being a consciousness-raising event, the Marathon will provide an opportunity for homeless people and their supporters to take to the airwaves, and allow a nationwide discussion on homelessness issues and possible solutions.

Listen to the broadcast here (requires iTunes, Winamp, etc.)