Movember Moustache Mitten contest update.

Folks, we have 10 entrants in the contest, who together have raised $360 so far. A big thanks to those who donated!

I haven't received this much support since I dressed as a lady of the night, for Hallowe'en of course, getting big time pennies in my Unicef box. It was a little trying, but worth it.

Anyway, details of the contest are here.

If you haven't donated yet and would like to win a sweet pair of EDIT Moustache Mittens, not to mention helping out a good cause, head on over my Mospace! I'm part of the Lethbridge College Students Association team, and collectively we have raised $875 so far.

CONTEST! Donate to Movember and be entered to win a pair of EDIT moustache mittens!

My good friend Joanne has offerred up a pair of her famous EDIT mittens, as a prize for anyone* who donates to the Movember cause from my Mospace. Take a look at these beauts:

Why? Because my grandfather suffers from prostate cancer, and 1 in 7 men will be diagnosed with it each year. I feel that awareness for this type of cancer goes often unrecognized in the media and community, and want to bring it to the forefront of people's minds. 

The way it works is easy. Go to my Mospace and click "donate to me" under my gaudy profile picture.

*The mittens retail at $45, so to qualify anyone who donates at least $20 will be entered to win. For every $5 above that amount, you will receive an additional entry. So basically, a donation  of $30 will get you 3 entries.

On my profile page, it lists the names of those who have donated to me. This is how it will officially be tracked, so anonymous donations won't work here.

So please, help raise vital funds and awareness for men's health, specifically prostate cancer and male mental health initiatives.

And keep your hands warm this winter 🙂

Enter the Movemeber moustache mitten contest now!

Contest winner will be decided December 1st.