Galt Museum brings us “Nerd Fest”

From March 21-23, The Galt Museum & Archives is holding "Nerd Fest," featuring all sorts of comic book, gaming, trivia, space geekery…and even socialization (with possible dancing/touching)!

Nerd Fest kicks off with the history of comic books, followed by a 2-day workshop with leading comic book artist Scott McCloud, a pop culture movie trivia night, and an all night games tourney. Also on the calendar during the Festival are a talk by Canada's first female austronaut Dr. Roberta Bondar, and a Superheroes Dinner!

If I hadn't given up my super powers to save the Earth and live among mortals, I would consider the dinner & dance…however that might trigger me. The games night sounds awesome, as I've been meaning to learn to play Dungeons & Dragons for, like, forever.

Check it out:

Nerd Fest Flyer


Little Locavore Liam loves the Lighthouse

I got a buddy named Liam who goes around Lethbridge as the The LIttle Locavore. He's only 10-years-old, but is already pursuing his passion of becoming a chef.

Liam maintains a Blogspot that journals his adventures in our local culinary sphere, such as learning to make meat pies at the Urban Grocer, understanding the tools-of-the-trade at The Sous Chef, and creating his own sushi masterpiece at the Lighthouse.

The Little Locavore will be featured in the near future on Lethbian Love, but here's an appetizer to whet your palate:


Catwalk gives to cat ranch; donates even more from sales

Catwalk Salon Spa is being awesome again, this time showing their support for the Last Chance Cat Ranch, and the tragedy that befell it.

Jo-Anne writes:

Due to the horrible tragedy at Last Chance Cat Ranch, Catwalk Salon Spa has donated $500.00 to the the non-profit organization. We will also be donating $1.00 from every retail sale in the month of March to the group, so if there's anything you need now's the time to get it to help this local group.

You can also donate to their Paypal account [email protected] or at Family Pet Hospital.

With our major love of our cats and all animals, this really hit home and our hearts go out to all the suffering and lost kitties.

Catwalk Salon Spa can be reached at 403-327-4555, and is located at 618 3rd Avenue South.




Kim Siever is engaging us

Seems like nowadays there's always at least one person I know featured in the Lethbridge Living magazine.

This month, it's Kim Siever. He's the mastermind behind the popular user-driven news outlet Lethbridge News, as well as Lethbridge Traffic, the most comprehensive source for traffic updates our city has. Check him out:

Kim Siever

Nice work, Kim.

On another note, ever notice that Lethbridge Living has a cover price of $5.95? Has anyone EVER had to pay for a copy of this magazine? I sure haven't

Last Chance Cat Ranch needs your help

As reported by Lethbridge News, the Last Chance Cat Ranch burnt down yesterday:

Lethbridge Animal Services posted a message on the City of Lethbridge Facebook page stating between the 17 cats they took in and the ones that other people brought in, Family Pet said their total was up to 28. The search will continue today to see how many more can be found.

According to information on the City of Lethbridge website, the initial estimated value of damage is approximately $150,000.

People wanting to make donations to help the 27 burn-victim cats at Family Pet Hospital can do so by phoning 403.320.5200.

For other ways you can help, check out the Last Chance Cat Ranch Facebook page.

UPDATE: Here's a CFCN news report:


Does Snow Removal Bylaw 4865 apply to the city itself?

Here's the view of a City of Lethbridge walkway, along my way to work. This is along Scenic Drive. Shouldn't the city crews have cleared this already?

Scenic Drive Walkway

As per Bylaw 4865:

To ensure everyone is safe during icy and snowy winter conditions, the City of Lethbridge asks home owners to clear any snow, ice or other debris which has been deposited on the sidewalk next to their property within 24 hours.

I cleared mine yesterday morning, where are you City of Lethbridge?

Best of the Best – Euro Physical Therapy

In a stunning display of multiple fonts and sizes, the Sun Times is running an ad featuring 2013's "Best of the Best" for physical therapy business – Euro Physical Therapy. I'm really close with the place; mum works there, I'm currently a physio patient and get brutalized massaged there regularly. The proprieter also donated the largest chunk of cash for my Movember campaign, and won my Moustache Mitten content a few months back.

Sun Times

I'm really glad to see the place win the honour, and wholeheartedly recommend their services any day! Good work.

300 posts and 4 years later…

Thank you to all my readers who've put up with my quirky posts, rants and whatever else! I certainly don't post with any regularity (that's because I'm irregular), but I never thought I'd still be blogging as Lethbian Love four years later. 🙂

Something smells spoiled on the southside

Last evening, I was shopping for veggies for a sweet & sour dish I was making for dinner. What I found was indeed sour…spoiled even. Disgusting. And this isn't the first time I've seen something like this at this particular store, which I won't name…but it does start with a "S" and end with a "S", and is also on the "S" part of town.

What we see here are leeks, kale and squishy radishes: