Olduvai, a novel with a Lethbian lead


While checking out the Lethbridge sub-Reddit late tonight, I saw that a user named OlduvaiNovel a.k.a. Steve Bull submitted a link to his self-published novel that features some Lethbridge character(s). It's called Olduvai.

Is a global economic, social, and political collapse imminent? 

Flowing from actual world events, a damaged environment, dwindling energy resources, and a manipulated market-economy all come crashing together in this tale about the social and individual impact of stresses that overwhelm a precarious and complex global system. Supply chain interruptions, border disputes, increased fascism, growing protest movements, and mass migration out of rural areas and into cities dominate the new normal. 
Follow the struggles of several Canadians amidst the chaos. Marissa, a young university student, confronting the end of her prescription for a mental health issue, and her eight year old sister, Kat, who are stranded in a remote part of Ontario when their parents are caught up in a massive riot in Toronto; Mac, a mature student at Lethbridge College, Alberta, who uncovers a Canadian military secret; Ranjeet, a recently promoted Toronto banker who has his faith in the banking system turned upside down when a colleague shares some startling information; and Sam, an activist who has predicted the collapse for years, but has his preparations challenged by an unexpected Black Swan event.

Is this the world’s future?

It actually sounds quite interesting, but that's also because I had a boss who was a legit military man. Seriously. Being lower rank (i.e. civilian), I'm pretty sure he is/was hiding some information that chould change the course of western civilization. I've been trying to act in a stereotypical Dan Brown male lead role, but so far nothing exceptional has turned up (fluoride in water doesn't cut it).

Anyway, here's a brief excerpt from the novel:

He brushed Caera’s hair aside then took a deep breath and slowly began to untangle himself from her embrace. As much as he would have preferred to remain right where he was, he knew he needed to get outside and begin expanding their vegetable garden.

Check out Olduvai here. The eBook is only $3.

Helena Bonham Carter…in Lethbridge?

Old news to some (happenened back in August '12), though news to me. It's like when Lady Gaga was in Lethbridge…but who knew? Anyway, Helena Bonham Carter somehow took a wrong turn down some street in Hollywood and ended up in our city, at Silla Designs. I don't know if she actually bought anything, or maybe just had to use the restroom.

Helena Bonham Carter

So aside from that, and because I don't have anywhere else to tell this story, my sister once was a table or two away from Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams in Calgary, while the couple was filming "Brokeback Mountain." That makes me cool too. Does anyone know if they dating before or after the movie, because I still wonder who is better in bed – Michelle or Jake Gyllenhaal?

Helena Bonham Carter goes shopping in Lethbridge (Calgary Herald)

Lethbian Lover featured on Citytv for hard-hitting and in-depth anime news report, ugh


I don't normally show off my collection of half-naked cartoon centerfolds, but when I do it's on prime-time news television.

With Nishikaze 2013 coming up, I thought I'd take a look back 5-6 years ago and see how much of a blabbering idiot I still am. The newscast was a favour for my reporter "friend," Ashley, who begged and pleaded to embarass me on the Calgary Citytv station.

Here's my VHS rip. You probably should not watch.


And when I said what "my genre" is, it's not really that at all. I was watching Maburaho (the centerfold girl) at the time and, if memory serves me correct, it was a some sort of magical princess harem anime. I should just shut up now.

“East blown west,” or “Lethbridge’s anime festival returns!”

Nishikaze 2013

Nishikaze, Lethbridge's anime convention, is back for 2013 after a brief hiatus. Coming June 15:

Nishikaze is an annual convention held in Lethbridge, Alberta at the University of Lethbridge. Nishikaze is striving to become the premiere anime and Japanese pop culture in event in southwestern Alberta, bringing together anime fans to celebrate the best in Japanese culture and entertainment.

The word nishikaze means "west wind" and either refers to how much it blows here or our chinooks. The event brings together fans of Japanese animation, comics, videogames, artists, exhibitors and (most importantly) cosplayers. For those otaku into the latter (who isn't?), here's their promo video: 


If you know who there is cosplaying as "Alexander the Great," props to you!

More info can be found on their website or Facebook page.


Remix album from Sanctums free for download; worth your bandwidth

Truth Lifting Up Its Head Against Scandals

Awhile ago, I featured a track from a DJ named Evangelos. He doesn't go by the name "Sleepy Head" anymore; rather, Sanctums. He's upped on Bandcamp a name-your-price (i.e. free) album up for grabs, and a pal of mine has a remix of his own in there.

Jaron writes:

Really excited, Sanctums aka Evangelos X Typist & Dan Solo just released this remix ep and I contributed a remix. Download the whole thing here: http://sanctums.bandcamp.com/album/truth-lifting-up-its-head-against-scandals-theremixes

If you enjoy "bass classical compilation downtempo electronic experimental free download remixes sanctums soul cinematic electronic hip hop instrumentals shoegaze" music, this is made just for you. Download or have a listen to the album, “Truth Lifting Up Its Head Against Scandals”:

Quiet No More


It seems like every day owns some cause or another, and today happens to be Purple Day. It's all about epilepsy. Technically, all of March is epilepsy awareness month, and according Epilepsy Canada, "Over 300,000 Canadians battle the seizures of epilepsy every day. Each year another 15,000 are diagnosed with this neurological condition."

Purple Day is an event designed to raise awareness of epilepsy. Beginning in 2008, people are encouraged to wear a purple-coloured item of clothing on March 26. Purple and lavender are often associated with epilepsy…

Being someone affected by the condition, I am proud to add myself to the notable ranks of Julius Caesar, Napoleon Bonaparte, Vladimir Lenin, Muhammad and Danny Glover, amongst others. However, it still sucks big time, and carries both personal and social repercussions. Also from Epilepsy Canada:

Would you be surprised to that there are twice as many Canadians living with epilepsy as with cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy and multiple sclerosis– combined?  Due to the stigma that surrounds epilepsy, many with the disorder have been reluctant to speak out about it. As a result it has been dubbed "The Silent Disorder".  March is Epilepsy Month, a good time to break the silence.

I understand that people tend to focus their attention on Cancer, Heart & Stroke or Diabetes, but I wouldn't mind seeing a little love go towards supporting Epilepsy research as well, so please consider donating.



Yet another chick took my money


Some old guy stopped by my office today, doing an Easter fundraiser for Big Brothers Big Sisters Lethbridge, using these cute chicks as bait.

For a donation to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Lethbridge you can put an Easter smile on the face of a freind, family member or co-worker.

Their cheeps were so cute! I love when birds sing about me 🙂

Small town, big party

Small Town Saturday Night

Foremost is a town in Southern Alberta, and are vying at a chance to win a "Big Valley Jamboree" of their very own, but need our help. We 'Bertans need to stick with one another. Lana writes:

Foremost (my hometown) is in the finals for the Big Valley Jamboree’s “Small Town Saturday Night” contest. It’s the only town in southern Alberta still in the competition and we have the chance to win “…a “mini” Big Valley Jamboree in one lucky rural Alberta community. All the excitement of the festival, including some of Canada’s finest country musical entertainers could be coming to YOUR small town!  We call it “Small Town Saturday Night,” you’ll call it “one incredibly unforgettable, amazing, mind-blowing experience!””
We’re in 3rd place, and in order to get moved up, we need some new people to vote for us. You can vote once per day from as many email addresses as you have. Please click the link and help us out J Proceeds from the event will be going to our local community rec centre (a Quonset that houses the ice arena, curling rink and swimming pool).

Click this link to vote, and also make sure to watch their entry video:


Oh snap!

Warm and sunny yesterday, cold and blizzardy today. This spring weather could use some Lithium, it's so bipolar. But ladies, that doesn't mean you can't come prepared – Edit Shoppe Snap Wrap Scarves are perfect for winter or spring! Check out these hand-crafted scarves made from repurposed materials:

Edit Snap Wrap Scarf

And no, I wasn't paid to make this sell. Edit is a good friend of the Lethbian Lover, who shot these snap scarf snapshots!