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We interrupt our regularly-scheduled program to introduce you to Srećko Ponjavic, a third-generation Canadian of Croatian descent, and star of the reality TV show “Ljubav je na selu“. He’s a fellow Lethbian who can usually be found on the lots of Bridge City Chrysler.

The show’s title roughly translates into “Love is in the Village”; a Bachelor cum Temptation Island reality dating show featuring farmers looking for love in all the wrong stables.

That text in the post above? That’s Croatian, where we (the Lethbian Lovers) are going for our honeymoon. The grapevine led us to this discovery!

Here’s what Srećko has to say (Google Translated):

“I live in my house, earn enough money to live as I want and visit the places I love. If I want to travel, I travel,” explains Srećko, adding that he is curious, stubborn, at times sarcastic and too cautious. From his future partner he expects her to be intelligent, positive, good-hearted and polite, and he can not handle girls who are ‘control-maniacs’, negative and narrow-minded. His friends say he needs a Croat because no Canadian can keep up with his pace. “I would also like to have a wife, a woman with whom I will share my life as my friends do,” concluded Srećko.

But enough reading! Here’s his full introduction video, which is mostly in English (if you skip in about 30-seconds):

Video source:

While we haven’t actually watched Ljubav je na selu (its web player is region-locked), we’re super excited for Srećko and hope he find himself happiness in Croatia!

If you know him, update us in the comments!

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