Celebrating a decade of Lethbian Love

In 2009, I was feeling a bit bummed. Maybe things were a little too mundane, and old man winter was wearing on me. That’s when I decided to start a blog that would end up meaning more to me than I’d have ever expected.

Flashback: What’s Lethbian Love?

In my younger days, The Lethbridge Sun TImes interviewed me about this ol’ blog of mine. What is “Lethbian Love”? If the sidebar isn’t enough to go by, check out this article and see what I looked like when I still had hair and a smile on my face: JonnyI’m a webslinger located in Lethbridge, …

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Flashback: What’s a Lethbian?!

Back in the golden age of radio, I was interviewed by CBC Radio One’s David Gray on “The Homestretch,” to finally settle who or what a “Lethbian” is. They’ve since taken down the post, but being crafty I saved a MP3 of the interview! For your listening enjoyment:   JonnyI’m a webslinger located in Lethbridge, …

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Yikes, I’m in the Sun Times!

Today, I was featured in the Lethbridge Sun Times. It looks like I’ll have to go back in hiding; there’s paparazzi everywhere! (click the cover image for the full article) JonnyI’m a webslinger located in Lethbridge, AB. I love all things nerdy, like cartoons and videogames, and am also a bit of a foodie. When …

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Sorry about that. For some time now, I lost interest in this blog. Why? Well, I realized that I was maintaining it just for the sake of doing so, rather than what its original purpose was meant. The sidebar used to read, “Lethbian Love covers the lifestyle, culture, events and issues relevant to Lethbridge, Alberta, …

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Virgin orgy tonight

No, I’m not kidding. Tonight at The Slice, random strangers will sandwich each other in a “cuddle party.” A cuddle party, as described by Wikipedia, allows “people to experience non-sexual group physical intimacy through cuddling.” Tonight’s event provides “tools for better communication and intimacy, and information about the benefits of touch.” Talk about Lethbian love!  …

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