300 posts and 4 years later…

Thank you to all my readers who've put up with my quirky posts, rants and whatever else! I certainly don't post with any regularity (that's because I'm irregular), but I never thought I'd still be blogging as Lethbian Love four years later. 🙂

Flashback: What’s Lethbian Love?

In my younger days, The Lethbridge Sun TImes interviewed me about this ol' blog of mine. What is "Lethbian Love"? If the sidebar isn't enough to go by, check out this article and see what I looked like when I still had hair and a smile on my face:

Flashback: What’s a Lethbian?!

Back in the golden age of radio, I was interviewed by CBC Radio One's David Gray on "The Homestretch," to finally settle who or what a "Lethbian" is. They've since taken down the post, but being crafty I saved a MP3 of the interview!

For your listening enjoyment:


Yikes, I’m in the Sun Times!

Today, I was featured in the Lethbridge Sun Times. It looks like I’ll have to go back in hiding; there’s paparazzi everywhere!

(click the cover image for the full article)

Find Lethbian Love on Facebook

Just thought I’d let you know that you can now find us on Facebook. So if you’re not into RSS much, become a fan to get Lethbian Love updates in your feed.

Find us on Facebook

Sidenote: Although there already was a Facebook application fan page, I destroyed it with all of my might. That’s because the old Sociable Facebook app I used on here has now been replaced with Disqus!

Also, I totally intended to have a badge in this post so you could easily “become a fan,” but WordPress is rewriting my Javascript, ugh!


Sorry about that.

For some time now, I lost interest in this blog. Why? Well, I realized that I was maintaining it just for the sake of doing so, rather than what its original purpose was meant.

The sidebar used to read, “Lethbian Love covers the lifestyle, culture, events and issues relevant to Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada” and really, I could have cared less for most of the things I posted!

I started Lethbian Love as a means of discovering something different about Lethbridge. I don’t unconditionally love this city, rather am trying to find things to love about it. Call it a memoir of things I find interesting or great about this place.

So I’ll be making some changes here and there. The content will be more out of self-interest, but I hope that it’ll be somewhat richer in the end. I also changed the commenting system to tie more into social media, like Facebook and Twitter, so you all can interact like lovers. Make sure to subscribe to the Lethbian Love RSS feed too!

Stay tuned for new posts in the near future. In the meantime, check out some of the more memorable ones:

Virgin orgy tonight

No, I’m not kidding. Tonight at The Slice, random strangers will sandwich each other in a “cuddle party.”

A cuddle party, as described by Wikipedia, allows “people to experience non-sexual group physical intimacy through cuddling.” Tonight’s event provides “tools for better communication and intimacy, and information about the benefits of touch.”

Talk about Lethbian love!  Maybe I’ll get some action myself tonight, heh heh.

Sandwich with Emotional Support from Joel Bryant (Joel, I didn’t know you had it in you)