Galt Gardens gets night safety lights

To please the sun-god, Lethbridge holds a “Festival of Lights” each year. To mark the tenth year of this celebration, a new choreographed light show has been installed in Galt Gardens and a hobo clad in red opens his lap to the children, amongst other ceremonial things.


10th Annual Bright Lights Festival

An arts community?

Here’s a bit of surprising news from the Lethbridge Herald this morning:

In what promises to be a major downtown makeover, city council has enthusiastically endorsed a plan to build two major new arts facilities along a one-block plaza just east of Galt Gardens.

The two-phase plan is to begin with a new $12.6-million community arts centre on the eastern portion of the former IGA site by 2012, followed in subsequent years by a neighbouring performing arts centre. The latter would extend westward into the park, resulting in the closure of what is now a section of 7 Street South and creating a downtown arts district.

Local arts community leaders are lauding council’s decision, which was unanimous.

Downtown “revitalization” has always seemed like talk to me, but this is the positive sign that Lethbridge is actually becoming less hick moving forward. Hopefully, it also means there’s a place to display the large collection of art that both the university and college have locked away in their vaults.

Now if we could only get that third bridge…

Dramatic plans in store downtown

Watch a man as he walks around downtown talking

Here’s a mostly-boring walking tour of historic downtown Lethbridge. If you listen closely at 5:00, Ted refers to the Henotic building as the "fucking #1 fire hall." He must really like it! Also, the guy at 6:30 has a nice strut.


Now please tell me I wasn’t the only one who kept looking at his crotch bulge?