“Date Night”

My "buddy" Shawnis Maximus made a film short of what could essentially be considered a documentary of my dating life:


Quelle est? Ah, le belle femme skunk fatale.

Faithful reader Mireille wrote in to give heads up about a French Film Festival taking place this weekend:

cIneMAGINE, Alberta’s French Film Festival, will be held at the Empress Theatre in Fort Macleod from April 30th – May 2nd, 2010.

While it’s no Iron Man 2, it sounds cool nonetheless!

Cheaper than Blockbuster

ULFCKarla informed me that the ULFC is holding a 12-hour film marathon this Saturday. The goal of the marathon is to raise enough funds to grow their film library, so that members have access to all previously screened films.

We are asking participants to get themselves pledged to watch films! Asking family, friends or colleges to pledge you for the Film Marathon is all that we ask. We are giving away some great prizes for those who get the most pledges and who last the longest (it is 12 hours of film watching!). Prizes include: Gift Certificates from Backstreet (west), B.O.B Headquarters Swag, Infamous Swag, Gift Certificates from the Pita Pit, etc.

I guess that means I’ll need to break out the adult diapers and Cheetos, since I fully intend to win those gift certificates. You don’t believe me? Yeah, I suppose I wear them on a regular basis anyway, which reminds me I need a change. Mom!

ULFC Film Marathon

U of L 3rd Annual Film Festival tonight

Film FestivalThe 3rd Annual Film Festival happens tonight. It’s a showcase of student films from the U of L as well as other universities from around Alberta.

Even my cousin will be screening her short film, of which I can’t remember the name but know it has something to do with an angel and demon falling in love. Kinda like Twilight, but without Edward Cullen and Bella Swan. Well, it’s actually nothing like Twilight, but there are special effects!

Regardless, because of my short memory I already made other plans for tonight. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t attend! The show begins at 6:30PM at The Zoo/Ballroom.

3rd Annual Film Festival

More free movies, courtesy the U of L Film Club

If you’re looking for a movie to broaden your horizons, I don’t suggest Battlefied Earth (unless you’re a Scientologist). Rather, look to The University of Lethbridge Film Club. The club screens everything from animation to documentaries twice weekly:

  • Sundays – faculty select the film. Screenings are at 6PM in PE275.
  • Mondays – the Film Club members vote on the film. Screenings are at 7PM at Galileo’s.

Formed earlier this year by Karla Carcamo, the club grew out of a need for artsy students to dress in black and critique films. Response thus far has been great, receiving much attention earlier this semester during “Rush Week” and plenty of additional student feedback.

Informal talks are usually held afterwards at the west side Backstreet, so members can drink away discovering their professor’s personal tastes.

Showings are free and everyone is welcome.

U of L Film Club (via Facebook)