U of L 3rd Annual Film Festival tonight

Film FestivalThe 3rd Annual Film Festival happens tonight. It’s a showcase of student films from the U of L as well as other universities from around Alberta.

Even my cousin will be screening her short film, of which I can’t remember the name but know it has something to do with an angel and demon falling in love. Kinda like Twilight, but without Edward Cullen and Bella Swan. Well, it’s actually nothing like Twilight, but there are special effects!

Regardless, because of my short memory I already made other plans for tonight. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t attend! The show begins at 6:30PM at The Zoo/Ballroom.

3rd Annual Film Festival

Ch-ch-ch-changes…semi-final today at the U of L

Tonight at 4PM I will be moderating the semi-final round of the Changing the World: Student Speakers Challenge. There have been six student speakers so far and of those six three speakers will be presenting again today to be narrowed down to two who will compete against each other in the final.

These student speakers have presented on what they believe can be done to change the world, these presentations have been created by the student themselves and have been done so out of class time. In this time of great change, the world as a whole is looking to bend the status quo and find solutions for the myriad of issues we have presented before us. Education, economic hardships, over consumption and technological evolution all play into our day to day lives now and with a constant barrage of negative messaging being thrown at us we look to those who present something positive.

An incredible opportunity to hear what plans areĀ  in store for the future, as these are the minds that will go on to shape our world and hopefully change it for the better. Come out tonight to Ballroom A in the Students’ Union Building at 4PM to hear Jeff Henry, Trish Silk and Joanna Waszkiewicz present on changing the world, what it means to them.