Oscillations Korg Kaossiltaor & Monotron Delay

So there was this one time where I was big on Twitter and it just so happened that I won a contest. Courtesy of the National Music Centre in Calgary, I won this weird music contraption called a Korg Monotron.

However my doppelganger, Bonnaventure James, also entered this contest and was insanely jealous. To the point that if I gave it to him, he would write a song in my memory. He actually makes music.

Starting as an experiment in digital composition for a music class at the University of Lethbridge, Bonnaventure James has evolved from “computer lab avant garde” in to a name in Alberta electronic music. Now, Bonnaventure James’ patented sound combines Pop, Electronica and New Wave in unexpected ways. Pushing pop songs to raucous and experimental new levels, crushing bits and dropping beats.

Have a listen:

Remix album from Sanctums free for download; worth your bandwidth

Truth Lifting Up Its Head Against Scandals

Awhile ago, I featured a track from a DJ named Evangelos. He doesn't go by the name "Sleepy Head" anymore; rather, Sanctums. He's upped on Bandcamp a name-your-price (i.e. free) album up for grabs, and a pal of mine has a remix of his own in there.

Jaron writes:

Really excited, Sanctums aka Evangelos X Typist & Dan Solo just released this remix ep and I contributed a remix. Download the whole thing here: http://sanctums.bandcamp.com/album/truth-lifting-up-its-head-against-scandals-theremixes

If you enjoy "bass classical compilation downtempo electronic experimental free download remixes sanctums soul cinematic electronic hip hop instrumentals shoegaze" music, this is made just for you. Download or have a listen to the album, “Truth Lifting Up Its Head Against Scandals”: