Kim Siever is engaging us

Seems like nowadays there's always at least one person I know featured in the Lethbridge Living magazine.

This month, it's Kim Siever. He's the mastermind behind the popular user-driven news outlet Lethbridge News, as well as Lethbridge Traffic, the most comprehensive source for traffic updates our city has. Check him out:

Kim Siever

Nice work, Kim.

On another note, ever notice that Lethbridge Living has a cover price of $5.95? Has anyone EVER had to pay for a copy of this magazine? I sure haven't

Whose cuisine reigns supreme?

Remember my friend, World Culinary Olympian Iron Chef Doug? He's still winning big-time, and is featured in January's issue of Lethbridge Living:

Lethbridge Living - January 2013

Whipping Up a Win
There were only two gold medals awarded at the 2012 World Culinary Olympics. One of those medals went to Culinary Team Alberta, the youngest team our province has ever sent to the event. Local Chefs Doug Overes and Tyler Ivey are members of that gold medal-team.

Bonus: The photo work was done by my buddy Glenn at PureMojo Studios. He even shot me once upon a time, before I lost my fingers trying to cook.