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Winter’s cold grasp will not release! Mother nature tricked us last Saturday, offering a glimpse of what was once called Spring. Where is global warming when you need it?! You’ll pay for this, Captain Planet.

Lethbridge was abuzz with happenings this past week. Lucky reader Cherilyn won tickets to the Swollen Members concert last night, courtesy of DJ Booda and Lethbian Love. But I thought there’d be more than one entry…you disappointed me, Lethbridge. Just wait until your father gets home; you’ll be lectured like never before.

Though I suppose there is one excuse that I will accept – that is, if you danced your butt off at the Big Band Boogie, which fell upon the same night. It would have been fabulous to be there myself, but Monica (my new dance partner) has a clubbed foot and didn’t feel like moving, especially after filling up on those mini-donuts at the Home & Garden Trade Show.

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