Adaline’s brush with “Edward Cullen”

Adaline and RobertVancouver musician Shawna Beesley (a.k.a. adaline) is reportedly romantically-linked to Robert Pattinson after meeting at a Juno Afterparty at Richards on Richards, a popular music venue in Vancouver.

“I’m just happy to have this moment with you.”

At that point, he pulled me into an warm embrace…

Okay, maybe I skewed that just a little, though they did rub shoulders together!

But how does any of this relate to Lethbridge? Well, Shawna happens to a friend of a friend whom I briefly met some time ago. She’s a wonderfully warm and talented person, who recently played at The Slice earlier this month. It saddened me to have missed that show, but at least I have her music to listen to.

Now if you’d excuse me, I’m off to roll myself in diamond dust and watch Twilight all over again. Oh Edward, you’re so mysteriously beautiful.

The Cosmic Story of adaline and Robert Pattinson

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