The Myelin Sheaths are so hot right now

The Myelin Sheaths

So I got word from Paul Lawton that The Myelin Sheaths are also playing this Friday at Henotic. Since I’m pretty much in love with everyone from that band (except Joel because he’s a ginger), I asked Paul to give me the low down on this “unique girl-group on acid sound.”

Here’s what he told me:

1: Myelin is an electrically-insulating dielectric material that forms a layer, the myelin sheath.

2: The Myelin Sheaths are a brand new Lethbridge four piece that is the brainchild of Cassandra Ward and Martine Ménard, and which features myself (also of Endangered Ape, Square Waves) and Joel Butler (ex-The Void, Boys from Nowhere).

3: Myelin Sheaths were recently chosen as “Top of The Slop” by Chicago web-zine Victim of Time (our friends Sharp Ends were also former Top of the Slop recipients, and they now have three labels putting out records)

4: Myelin Sheaths have been selected to play Calgary’s Sled Island festival being held between June 24-27 (going to go up with Endangered Ape, who were also selected). Sled Island is the biggest event of this type happening in western Canada, with local bands mixing it up with internationally renown acts such as Mogwai, Wire, Deerhunter, Broken Social Scene, Cat Power, Destroyer and others.

5. Debut performance happening this Friday at the Porter Hall reunion show happening at GCBC Lounge. Joel Butler’s other new band (The Moby Dicks) is also making its debut (which I am playing guitar for on this show to cover the “real” guitarist who can’t play this show… incestuous? Yes!!)

6. Songs tend to be focused on matters of fact and science – “Pi in Yer Eye”, “Fun W/ Science” “Yer Acid is Too Basic”, “What’s Yer Diagnosis? (Psychosis)” and the hit single “The Myelin Twist” (which already has a label out of Iowa ready to press a 7″ single, though I will leave them nameless until that is a done deal).

The Myelin Sheaths