It’s Historic Lethbridge Week!

Historic Lethbridge WeekThis week celebrates the people and stories of our city, featuring concerts & exhibitions, film screenings, kid events, lectures & literature and other special events. The theme is the dirty 1930s.

But why have I not heard of this week before? Perhaps because it’s a tad boring with events like “Knitting Time’s Wool Challenge,” where there’s a contest to see who can knit a sweater in the fastest time possible. Though the Chili Challenge sounds like gastronomical fun, as does “Taste Of Downtown.” I was particularly interested in that until I found out it’s already sold out. I guess I’ll go back to licking the pavement and lamp posts.

Hopefully next year’s theme will be the 1920s, to commemorate our Red Light District. “The Point,” as it is called…and a favourite hangout of mine. Has anyone seen the twins lately?

Historic Lethbridge Week