Guest bloggers wanted!

First, I have to apologize for the lack of updates. If there’s one thing people should not have to deal with, it’s a sick pussy spewing forth fluids all over their rug. Last week, my cat Montecore fell ill and we had to hospitalize him. Beyond costing a small fortune and wrecking my nerves, the last thing I worried about was posting content to the blog. Don’t hold it against me, or god may punish you.

One of the things to a successful blog is to have well-written, relevant updates daily, if not more often. Building solid readership doesn’t happen overnight. Although I’ve been giving it a good effort and have gotten a little help here and there, I know there’s a lot more that this blog can do!

With that said, Lethbian Love is searching for guest bloggers and needs your mad skills! Is there something you love about Lethbridge, are passionate about, want to spread the word to your L.A. homies or just find an outlet for your ego? Become a contributor! Or if you’re lazy like me, but have cool a story/fact/person you think would work, submit your ideas! Just like dating, I’m not picky!

Be a guest blogger, for me.
Be a guest blogger, for me.

One last thing: this week will be lacking updates as well, as I’m off to a work retreat tomorrow and will have little to no access to the net. Ugh, sorry.

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