Sorry about that.

For some time now, I lost interest in this blog. Why? Well, I realized that I was maintaining it just for the sake of doing so, rather than what its original purpose was meant.

The sidebar used to read, “Lethbian Love covers the lifestyle, culture, events and issues relevant to Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada” and really, I could have cared less for most of the things I posted!

I started Lethbian Love as a means of discovering something different about Lethbridge. I don’t unconditionally love this city, rather am trying to find things to love about it. Call it a memoir of things I find interesting or great about this place.

So I’ll be making some changes here and there. The content will be more out of self-interest, but I hope that it’ll be somewhat richer in the end. I also changed the commenting system to tie more into social media, like Facebook and Twitter, so you all can interact like lovers. Make sure to subscribe to the Lethbian Love RSS feed too!

Stay tuned for new posts in the near future. In the meantime, check out some of the more memorable ones:

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