Month: October 2009

Getting in the Hallowe’en spirit

If you’ve been putting off carving a pumpkin for this hallowe’en because it’s just too difficult, the Jack Chop was made for you! JACK CHOP ! – watch more funny videos Jonathan RuzekI’m Jonathan Ruzek, a creative type and web professional located in Lethbridge, Alberta. I love all things nerdy, like cartoons, anime, and videogames. …

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Watch a man as he walks around downtown talking

Here’s a mostly-boring walking tour of historic downtown Lethbridge. If you listen closely at 5:00, Ted refers to the Henotic building as the "fucking #1 fire hall." He must really like it! Also, the guy at 6:30 has a nice strut. Now please tell me I wasn’t the only one who kept looking at his …

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My Style L.A. featuring Marguerite

So one of the blogs that I faithfully check out and am constantly inspired by is The Sartorialist. I love the idea of random street style sightings, and am lucky enough to have wonderfully stylish customers walk into my shop every day. Over the next few months, I’m hoping to document some of the stylish …

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Lethbridge haute couture

If you follow Lethbian Love much, most likely you noticed that I have mentioned Joanne Maharaj Lewis and her Edit Shoppe a few times. Some time back, she and I had an idea to do a Lethbridge version of The Sartorialist/, featuring some of the better-dressed citizens who grace our streets from time to time. …

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Fate be true! Love found on Twitter

Last night, an @reply on Twitter introduced me to the love of me life – Kate a.k.a SexyKat. She’s a fashion design student with big knockers who, ironically, likes to wear nothing! And she’s from Lethbridge. Even sweeter – so not only is she from our beloved city, but so is her “sluttier” Latina friend …

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Save yourselves! H1N1 clinics begin today

Let me first say this – my headache are result of a hangover, not the flu. But considering I know someone (besides my World of Warcraft stalker) who has contracted a mild form of the swine flu, and seemeingly everyone else around me is getting sick, an immunization is probably in order. With that said, …

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Lethbridge Sausage Party!

If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself. That’s what I always say.

Last night, Scott (a.k.a. Heavy P) hosted an Oktoberfest party. We sat down to a feast of Oktoberfest sausage, sauerkraut, perogies and my special bacon+onion gnocchi dish, all accompanied by a wide assortment of fine European beers and great Bavarian music! The aroma in the household was very manly, to say the least.


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