Cowabunga! Pizza for a park

There’s been a lot of talk about a new skatepark in Lethbridge. And recently, the Lethbridge Skate Association got a nice boost from Panago to help achieve that goal:

The LSA wants to send a huge thanks to Panago Pizza for donating Pizza coupons to be sold by the LSA as a fund-raiser! These coupons are $10 each and entitle you to any Medium Panago Pizza!

You can pick your coupons up at West 49, Infamous and Boarderline!

This fund-raising is going towards the costs of planning and developing our new skatepark! 100% of every dollar sold goes towards our new park, so come show your support and buy yourself some pizza coupons!

I like that idea (and pizza)! I agree with Wade Gallow that Lethbridge needs more recreational things-to-do for youth, and a skatepark is a great idea. Also, skateboarding is totally badass, even though I can’t even sit on a board.

Lethbridge Skate Association

Drink/study up! O’zapft is!

Seeing as the first keg for Oktoberfest has officially been tapped, I thought it prudent for us brew lovers out there to brush up on our beer knowledge. Print out this handy chart out and order one of every kind.

Click the image for full-size.

Alberta ArtsDays is this weekend

Ashley sez:

Lethbridge has been designated as a “flagship city”‘ by the provincial government for Alberta ArtsDays 2010. Only 5 cities get this every year. So we are expanding our annual ArtWalk into a whole weekend’s worth of events, including the SAAG grand opening, Artwalk, AB(original) Fest and ArtsFest. Overall there’s over 200 different artists and organizations participating and all the events are free.

For full details, check out the Allied Arts Council news release or visit the ArtsDays website.

The Weasel comes to Lethbridge

I’m talking about Pauly Shore, of course. This Lethbian Lover just happened to win a couple of tickets to his show, courtesy of! The show is tonight at 8PM at Average Joe’s. I’m excited, and I’m not even shitting you.

Look, he even gives a shot out to Lethbridge, buuuuuddy:


Thanks to DJ Booda for the video link!

UPDATE: Wow, I really got my hopes up for nothing. What a wash out!

I got shank’d

This past Tuesday, I had the opportunity to listen to Jessi Cruickshank speak to Lethbridge College students at their new student orientation. So I took it.

Anyway, I only went because she was a MTV hostess, as well as a hot ginger. But then I discovered how cool of a person she is, and how she’s an ambassador for Free the Children. She had some interesting stories about living with families in India and Kenya, such as the time she drank blood straight from a slaughtered goat’s throat.

Basically, I am writing this post to gloat that I met her. Yes, I actually touched her. And haven’t washed my right hand since Tuesday! Oh, and take a look at Free the Children to donate!

My Style featuring Jim

What’s with this weather, Lethbridge? I don’t even…

So, here’s an oldie of Jim that Joanne sent me some time ago. I completely forgot about it until now. Think summer!


Where’d your outfit come from?
My t-shirt is organic cotton from the California Brand SUB URBAN RIOT which I got at EDIT. The shorts are DYI cut-offs from the GAP. Shoes: Converse, Hat: Goorin, Bag: G-Star, Glasses: Armani.

Style icon?
David Stewart

Something about me?
Confidence=Style offs